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Crystal is open

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Even though I did some pre-season prep my gams are sore.

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You got my stoke up you lucky dog.

I've been to alot of ski areas around this country and Canada. Crystal is pretty hard to beat.

I'll be out this year again.
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Did Thursday and Friday up there.  Very light crowds on non holiday days. 

Open top to bottom with the side country lifts still closed.  The ski bases need some serious bench time now, it is okay because that was snow we were turning on. 

The test from here is will we get washed out.  Think snow!
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Saturday was good.  Turned the Furys into rock skis, oh well.  Lars you would have had fun.  They opened the Powder Bowl about 11am.
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Was up there on Friday.  A few inches fresh over night and a few more during the day made for some very nice snow off-trail, but I found more than my share of rocks too. :)  It's definitely thin cover but hell, it's mid-November, I'm not complaining.

We'll see how much they lose in the next day or so.  Weather's predicting up to 10" of rain (not snow) in the olympics tonight.  I haven't seen a rainfall prediction for the cascades, but it is supposed to be rain at pass elevations.
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