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Proposed New Search and Rescue Building in Jackson...

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Before the County Commissioners here in JH is a proposal to build a new Search and Rescue Building adjacent to one of the North boundaries of town- on Highway 22.

But first:
I am not a TCSAR Member. Never have been. I've never been rescued either- never wanna be. I've met Director Doug Meyers a few times and he is a great guy. I know handful of other members.

Like most issues in JH, it is getting political and turning into a heated debate. I'll get into the fray...

Teton County Search and Rescue (TCSAR) is an essential part of our community and these hard working volunteers are the most dedicated and professional volunteers I (or anybody) has come into contact with. They are true bad asses. Right now they have no dedicated space for meeting, training and deployment. There is some space, but for serving such an important facet of our community, they get jumbled around.

Team Members are wanting to have a dedicated building somewhere in the red circle. It will involve a helicopter landing pad for quick deployment. Some local residents are complaining about noise and disturbances. The flight path for the chopper- I think will be to the north and won't bother too many people. I think there are going to be about 6-10 departures/month.

The issue of not having a dedicated space has come up before in the local paper. I've often thought a good location would be at the airport. I also think that's too far to drive as most members would be coming from town and the West Bank. The proposed location would allow a quicker deployment. There are also issues with fueling quickly @ the airport. These guys drop everything at a moments notice to head out into unknown conditions.

I'm not sure of all the exact details, but wanted to bring this important issue to the attention of the collective- as it may benefit you someday. I'm also not pretending to know all sides of the issue. Just that I think this is important.

Cross posted from TGR.

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Thanks for bringing this up, S-i-J.

I agree with you completely that these men and women are true bad asses.  They often go out in terrain and conditions that are outrageous and too often it's to rescue someone who is doing something incredibly stupid.

I'm completely in favor of the new site.  My ONLY question about it involves how close the site is to the side of that steep butte and whether that might be a problem with heli takeoffs/landings in bad weather.  I would assume that someone with helicopter expertise has checked out the site and okayed it.

Beyond that, I can't see that a couple of flights a week are going to intrude so much on anybody's solitude or reverie.  The against-any-development-of-any-kind-under-any-circumstances attitude is very strong here in Jackson.

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