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New to this forum/blogging format so i apologize for any stupid questions asked as i don't know the unspoken rules, hoping to find some helpful advice from those with more knowledge.  Age is 21, 150 lbs, 5' 10'', experienced skier (anywhere from 10-35 days of skiing a season, starting when i was 6), mistake: not looking into skis before buying them, whatever is cheapest or shopkeeper says is good is best.  I like to ski steeps and big mountain terrain with some speed and stability, and have in the past few years gotten more into the park scene in the local mountains.  Two years ago I went full force and spent all the hard earned cash on a 2 ski quiver and a pair of boots, 1 ski for park and 1 for all around big mountain.  Park:  Rossignol scratch sprayer FS 168 length, sidecut: 110-80-103, light made easy to move around and good pop off jumps, however a little chattery and unstable on landings.  All Around:  4Frnt MSP 2006, length 171, cut: 114/87/105 good stability but a little too wide for my liking.  The Rossi's have seen better days with the edge starting to pop out in the back, scratched bottoms, and the unstableness becoming a bothering factor.  The 4frnt's I enjoy, but a little too stiff and too wide for my liking, can't move them around as easy as i'd like to.  I'm open to any and all suggestions including a different type of ski as i'm looking to spend all my money on buying another pair in the near future, and apologize again for the broad question.