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 I own the the 05 PE in 179. I was thinking of buying either the contact limited, 4x4, or head monster 82. I am looking for a ski that will not have much overlap with the PE. I would like to buy used skis as my budget is around 400. I will be skiing at Crotched Mt. in NH and Mount Snow and Attitash, and one week in Utah. I am an advanced skier, 5'9'' 180. Any advice?

Thank You,
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There's lots of great skis out there. Your biggest challenge is finding the one that works best for you. The above mentioned skis would surely complement your Public Enemy (I'm assuming)...  Waist widths for east coast all mountain skis are starting around 80mm and could go as wide as 95mm. Lots of great products out there... Volkl AC50, Salomon Fury, Atomic Savage and Rossignol Phantom 87 are some good options.

How your question caught my interest was your budget. $400 for last years used skis still seem a little steep. Have you or would you consider leasing a pair of 2010 skis? Check out This years latest & greatest skis for long term monthly rentals. This time of year, you'll get a new pair just like the ones on the ski wall. Just another option for you
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