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I'm maybe a little odd. Like to ski with other people, meet folks on the lifts and do some runs with them. But then toward the end of the day, I like to just do some runs all by myself, when most have already left and there's nobody around and the only sound is my own skis cutting through the snow. Some times if there are people around, I'll  half-snowboard (sit down in the snow, but NOT in the middle of the trail) and wait a bit til everyone else has headed down. That's magic.

After that, of course, it's time for a brew!
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I'd rather ski alone and drink with friends than vice versa...
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I ski alone about 2% of the time. I'm just popular I guess.
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I guess my name says it all.

I ski alone 100% of the time. Haven't skied on a weekend in 9 years, except for closing days (falls on a Sunday).

Since all I ski is advanced terrain, I rarely see anyone else on the runs. Maybe on a powder morning I'll see more people, but usually a crowded run is two other people on the entire slope.

Yeah, you get spoiled.

I'm usually on one of the first chairs, sometimes eat lunch on the lift (going to do that more often this season - it means another run - more skiing), and am one of the last to leave. I try to time it so I make the last ride up very close to closing (3:50 - 4:00). I ski all day long, non-stop, and rarely get tired. By the end of the day, I still want to ski more.

It seems that when I skied with people, I spent more time not skiing than when I am alone.

Just can't seem to get enough.

I LOVE skiing.

A White Raven
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Skiing=Family. I skied alone one day in February 2007 for the first time in like 15 years. Even then I befriended a guy and skied with him for a batch of great runs. The wife and I have raised a family of four snowriders and part of her acceptance of my ski obsession was due to including some or all of the kids on every ski outing. I'm one of those nuts who skied with a one-year-old in a backpack carrier. The nest is emptying, however, and this year could be a little different. But I have to drive a couple of hours or more to day-ski and it makes sense to fill the car/van with friends before I make that effort. I love to spread the joy of skiing.

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Originally Posted by jahroy View Post

when solo i push myself more in terms of stamina, and less in terms of GNAR.


Agreed.  If I'm skiing alone I feel dumb stopping anywhere but at the next lift.  This means that I ski a lot more vertical per hour alone than when I'm with friends.  The embarrassing downside is that sometimes I end up in really stupid places because I didn't want to stop & doublecheck my route. 

And when alone I avoid remote areas and terrain that seriously challenges me, for obvious reasons. 

I probably ski 20:80, solo:group.  I really enjoy both.

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there are serious rewards when you ski solo. see all the tracks in Chimney?  See one set in Main? Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
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Originally Posted by jimintokyo View Post

Damn Phil, I was thinking of the same song. But you did it better.

+ 2
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mmm.... 2006.
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that's awesome, Phil. anyone out there want to put a few chords to it?

Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

 I ski alone, yeah

With nobody else

I ski alone, yeah

With nobody else

You know when I ski alone

I prefer to be by myself


Every morning just before first chair

I don't want no coffee or tea

Just me and good bud Ray Klee

That's all I ever need

'Cause I ski alone, yeah

With nobody else

Yeah, you know when I ski alone

I prefer to be by myself


The other night I laid sleeping

And I woke from a terrible dream

So I caught up my pal Dale Bello

And his partner Al Lon

And we skied alone, yeah

With nobody else

Yeah, you know when I ski alone

I prefer to be by myself


The other day I got invited to a gathering

But I chose to stayed home instead

Just me and my pal Ross Ingle

And his brother Dean A. Star

And we skied alone, yeah

With nobody else

Yeah, you know when I ski alone

I prefer to be by myself


My whole family done give up on me

And it makes me feel oh so bad

The only one who will hang out with me

Is my dear Mother Karen

And we ski alone, yeah

With nobody else

Yeah, you know when I ski alone

I prefer to be by myself

Problems with hookin' up

e doesn't mind taking the sketch line and trashing his skis, but I have my race tuned Stockli's today.
she knows everyone on the hill, and stops to check in with all of them.
he shadows every turn and I never know if I can change it up without getting clobbered
no matter how we're skiing, he has to pass me up at some point, 
everyone's rockin' twin tips and if you're not up front, you're in a cloud of snow
someone talks non stop on the chair, every lap, and offers advice most of the time.
he always/never wants to hike.

and so it goes. Soul Skier, rocks solo
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totally, April 6, skied every chute that day.
Originally Posted by jahroy View Post



mmm.... 2006.

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I almost always end up solo if I don't start out solo. Waiting sucks, worrying that somebody isn't coming 'cause they hurt themselves sucks, argueing about where to ski sucks. I know the snows not gonna be as good over there and there will be 10,000,000 brahs schralping down it - you go ski there, dumba$$.

Plus I'm a sociopath.
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Quote:That's totally hilarious, and so true.Sometimes you are 1/2 lap off with other skiers you see every time from the chair; they are your buds in a way.
Originally Posted by Jer View Post

I almost always end up solo if I don't start out solo. .

funny no one would directly infer: sociopaths no one will ski with.
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Back in the early part of my ski career, if I drove up solo, I skied solo, except on the rare occasions when I met someone interesting on the lift and we'd ski a few runs together. If I drove up with someone, I skied with them the whole day, except for an occasional solo run.

Since picking up skiing again six years ago after a long hiatus, I've always been skiing with my kids or some friends. The only solo run I've made since then was to rescue a hat dropped under the lift by one of my companions who wasn't skilled enough to go where he dropped the hat.

This season the nest is empty. I will make a couple of trips for sure with one of my daughters, but after that I may be going solo all year, unless I can talk one or more of my kids into going with me sometimes.
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I ski alone most of the times I go out free skiing. I work at home and my schedule is flexible so my trips are often spur of the moment. I suit up, climb on the free bus, the gondola ski Peak 8 at Breck most of the time. I like doing a few laps from the summit down Whales Tail, into White Crown and on down to the base. It was more fun when the trees weren't blocked off below the T-Bar. Now I'm more inclined to stick to above tree line. I enjoy talking to strangers on the lift and the solitude and freedom of skiing alone.

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The only reason i might ski alone is if I'm skiing with friends that aren't as good as me. Sure ill take some runs with them on some blues and greens but after a while i want to go rip some blacks so i have to go it alone. However fortunately for me most of my friends i ski with are pretty good so that really isn't an issue. Although I'm starting to get better and ski harder terrain so I'm sure people will want to ski with me less. Also sometimes i meet people on the chairlift and maybe even share some turns with them...its fun i like skiing and socializing with people...just as long as there aren't to many people and your waiting in a lift line for like 15 minutes.....
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I guess I'm in the minority in that I mostly ski with people.  I always try (and fail) to convince people to come up to the mountains with me... but generally by the time I'm on the first chair I have run in to enough people that I know that at least one of them is looking for a buddy.  I will bounce between groups, have to go back and check-in for line-up, etc.  So there are solo runs in there, but if I run in to people I tend to go with them.

I would say 90/10 group/solo. 

When I'm skiing solo I usually focus on working on a particular skill or technique.  With I group I'm usually just skiing, and I'm much more likely to push the terrain choices with a group of like-minded folks.

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Skiing solo for me is different now than it was "back in the day". It used to be I would get on the first chair or two and meet up with someone and end up skiing several runs and then repeat or ski whole day with a new friend. These days it usually means skiing alone. Other solo skiers seem to be into their own thing more than they used to. Often they are either on the phone, texting, listening to their iPod or just distant. I noticed some places have more solo skiers willing to ski with you than others. My last trip to Crested Butte was no problem, I would meet people before the lift line. At my local hill I usually ski alone when not with my son due to my schedule. I am usually squeezing in 2 hours of skiing when I can, getting my runs in.

I prefer to ski with others so we can "share the love". Skiing alone isn't usually as fun for me. It's kind of like fishing alone. You know, like when you catch that fish of a lifetime and there is no one there to witness it. It can be cathartic at times to ski alone though. Reminiscing with yourself isn't nearly as fun.
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skiing with others is more fun, but more frustrating...

skiing alone is extremely satisfying, but sometimes you wish you could share those little moments of joy with someone else.

when you're skiing with a group you're having those fun moments, but you know you could be getting more laps and hitting exactly what you want if you were solo.

i'd take either right now as i sit in alabama and the snow begins to fall in the west....
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I guess it's more of a locals thing...If I'm alone, I know I don't need to be for long. Usually, I'll hook up with someone (or a group) before the lifts open. If not, usually when I'm putting my skis on, or getting on the lift, or somewhere on the hill. Loose groups are the best. the group will often divide and reform as some are faster than others. Usually, the groups form of people of the same general caliber. After a few seasons, you know who will run at your speed, and you tend to hook up with them.

Sometimes you take newer people to the hidden stashes, and sometimes someone esle hooks you up. Stuff you might not have found on your own.

Partners are essential for off piste in treed stashes, fingering your way down cliffs or dropping an avi prone chute.

Then you head up to the Tap Room, and connect with people you've skied with that day, or not.

Partners are good.
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Originally Posted by iWill View Post

I guess it's more of a locals thing..
Yeah, I bet that more of us who are skiing alone are skiing a local hill than those who are skiing on day tickets.  There is a comfort level there when you are skiing a known mountain.  When I hit a new place I'd PREFER to have someone with me, although it doesn't stop me, I've certainly done it many times when I've gone to races as a parent.  I only watched when she was on the course, then went off and explored the mountain until the next run.  
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When I ski alone I like to be by myself
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Solo…perhaps for a few exceptions as pictured below and/or a better than nothing option.  Thankfully skiing is a sport sporting a singles line designed to hook you up before the next run  

Some of you may know who this solo skier is and where the pic was taken this early November.  [Hint:  Betsy has given me the green light to yell out "single" and take a ride up and down with this local hero  ]


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Originally Posted by prickly View Post

It's interesting that on this forum, which is partly devoted to getting people together to ski, so many people confess to skiing alone a lot. My theory: if you really like skiing, and you don't live in a ski town, you probably end up having to ski alone a lot. 


I think this forum, like many other "activity" forums, are populated more by people who don't have as many ski partners in real life as they would like. So they're here chatting it up with like-minded people they can't find on the hill. :)

I'm a loner by personality. So it's no surprise I ski alone a lot. Probably 60/40.

By and large, I like skiing solo. I can go at my pace, which is slow. I can choose my line, which is often bumpy. I can pick my route, which is usually the "less travelled by" ones etc.

I don't mind riding a chair by myself. I have my thought as my company, enjoying the environment. But I do dislike waiting in liftlines by myself. Singles line, here I come!

Having said all that, I enjoy skiing with others enormously. Sharing stories on the chair, seeking out unknown (to me) lines, going a bit over my head... and re-telling it in the bar at the end of the day! It's just if I have to choose not skiing vs. skiing solo, I ski solo. So if I have my choice, I'd skiing with others over skiing solo over not skiing (ehrr, that always end up being skiing solo anyway!)

The REAL drawback of skiing solo is on challenging terrains. "challenging" by my standard, that is. If I'm not sure if I'm up for tackling a line, I would prefer to have someone there to help pick up the peices if I do bite it. So yes, I enjoy being pushed a bit when skiing with others.
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Originally Posted by DonDenver View Post

Solo…perhaps for a few exceptions as pictured below and/or a better than nothing option.  Thankfully skiing is a sport sporting a singles line designed to hook you up before the next run  

Some of you may know who this solo skier is and where the pic was taken this early November.  [Hint:  Betsy has given me the green light to yell out "single" and take a ride up and down with this local hero  ]


the best thing about skiing solo is the interesting people you run into and ski with. Some not know at all, some know very well.

Gad 2 lifts feburary 2008, 13 inch day at the bird tram line Packed!. I get in the single lines as I am alone and run into a very cute dark hair girl that I just saw fly under the lift line of Gad 2(not an easy task). She had gotamas, and purple puffy Northface jacket. Near the top of the lift I am looking at her while talking to her, and just blurt out "your Ingrid!" so much for being cool but I was right. I literally had no clue when I got on the lift. Got to ski a couple runs with her she gladly waited and let me show her some spot that werent hit yet. 
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

I dont like skiing solo at all, friends can help you quick. My solo/group time is probably 5/95.

Plus if I am skiing solo the chances of finding someone I know who knows me are high, and even if I dont I am too friendly on chairlifts. I almost always meet new people any day I ski solo.

Same here....I don't have nearly as much fun skiing solo.  I've had some great powder days alone but if it's not a powder day and I'm alone I might nto ski more than a couple of runs.  Of course I have little girls sho are always skiing with me now so my current group/solo rate is 100/0
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I work with a race team all season, and ski with my wife often after training is over, so I really savor those alone runs of peace and solitude. Sometimes you just need to blast down at your own pace, wind in your face, to remember why this sport is so great.
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 I have always enjoyed skiing solo.  I also like skiing with a group, but sometimes find it frustrating.  I really love teaching skiing and patrolling, but have adopted a professional mindset that a working day is about the needs of the guests and it's not the same as free skiing.  I was talking with some of my peers this weekend at our refresher and an interesting thing came up.  Several very good and experienced skiers stated that they are safer skiing solo than in a group.  The argument was that when skiing solo less risks are taken.  Group mentality is a known heuristic trap.  I agree to a point.  The hazard may be lowered through less risk taking, but the consequences are higher.  It comes down to risk management and personal comfort.  I have always felt that there is no day that I couldn't safely ski.  It's all about assessing risk and making decisions to manage that risk.  Having said that there have been days when I chose to not ski.
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Originally Posted by tetonpwdrjunkie View Post

... I also like skiing with a group, but sometimes find it frustrating...

TPJ; expand?

I do think having a partner or small posse that you really get along with and who are like minded skiers [read ‘like’ in terrain, safety concerns, length of skiing day, lunch duration, dealing with weather conditions, etc] all sharing equal or just greater skiing and conditioning aptitude along with an investment made in similar mountain passes…is truly a fortunate thing.  Otherwise, and to my assumption of what TPJ means by 'frustrating'...skiing solo is the best and only option.


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 I didn't say that I preferred skiing alone, only that I have always enjoyed it.  Some people like my wife don't.  Skiing with a good partner or small group like you describe is the best!  I have been part of "social" skiing groups, usually larger than four, where I have rather been skiing somewhere else.  Often it was setup by my wife in advance and would wind up being a powder day.  Don't get me wrong, these were still good days... But I would have rather been skiing somewhere else.  She doesn't do this anymore BTW.  One of best girlfriends came out for a month over Christmas during the 600" year.  Her friend is very good looking and a very, very, good skier.  They hooked up with some of the local legends and ripped powder everyday while I was working.  OK I was teaching skiing and having a pretty good time myself!  I would see them in the line sometimes.  After two weeks of that, my wife no longer sets up groups that aren't focused.  She is way worse than I ever was about pre-screening her skiing groups and ditching people who don't keep up.  She couldn't learn to ski like a JH local from me.  It was that other group that she "wanted" to be a part of that made her raise her game.  Now she cracks the whip on me and will try and follow me into the woods or whatever and doesn't want to ski groomers.  Frustrating has to do with the obligations of skiing with friends or spouses that aren't on the same page and having it be not OK to ditch them on a powder day.  I will ski with anyone and have a good time.  It's what I do five days a week.  I'll even do it on my "days off" if it's not a powder day.  I need to feel like it's my choice though.  BTW my wife is a fun, wonderful person who has skied her whole life and lived in Sun Valley for 16 years before meeting me.  She's starting to mellow on her new found JH tude after a few years.  

Some of my best skiing days ever were being part of a "rat pack" of 20 something male intermediate skiers all trying to outdo the other skiing bumps.  Or maybe it was with that group heli-touring in BC.  Or maybe back in Coal Creek during an intense storm cycle skiing the "safe line"  in deep blower powder and hearing whoomphs and being buffeted by snow and wind.  Knowing that I was part of a strong savvy group. 

Is that expansive enough?
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