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As a kid I had very flat feet and wore custom orthopedic shoes until 8 years old. A wet foot print indicated no arch. At 30 a podiatrist said "interesting. Good arch but substanial pronation" His explanation was that he wouldn't expect to see that much arch with as much pronation as I exhibited. Last time I looked, when I made a wet foot print on pavement the arch was 1/2 as wide as the heel. I've always been curious what led to the change. In school I ran track/cross country and always had sore knees. In the 70's shoe mgf.s began designing to control pronation and for years (late 20's) I ran 6-8 miles/day with no knee pain.
My point is that feet charecteristics may not be a constant through out life.

For Bud, when is your book coming out? Or at least where can we find good instruction on the topic? I've been a believer in alignment since reading Witherals' The athletic skier (which only addressed lateral issues as I remember) and seeing Jim Lindsays presentation at a National Academy. I just wish I had a reference book, or coach, to guide me in assesing all the parameters.

Locally some think I'm out there for suggesting we consider adjustments. Christmas eve a long time skier (40+years) said to me " I need to get lower to put more pressure on the boot cuff to pressure the front of the ski" When I suggested he try my skis (same brand,model, and length as his, but with a 2mm shim under the toe) he said "Oh no! I only want to ski my skis the way they came out of the box.) To me a strangely closed mind. I wonder if he buys a nice car but never adjusts the seat or mirrors.

At any rate, you lead, I'll follow.
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I just hope her feet don't change until the end of the season!    I have a small fortune in her boots/fitting.

It's amazing how much better she skis with everything set right.  Has gotten many compliments from people that have seen her ski last year and this year.  I'm sure all the coaching she received at the race camp was a big part too but without proper fitting equipment, I don't think she would have gotten so far. 

When it comes to adjustments, I'm probably the other extreme from your skiing buddy.  I'm always moving things around.  I almost wish they didn't put micro adjustments on boots because throughout the day I can tell if things are getting tighter or looser (usually my heel) and adjust accordingly.  Same with the binding position.  Still trying to find the sweet spot on my Metrons.  For some reason it is harder (have to get so forward that it my shins hurt) for me to get them on edge than my GS or cheater GS skis.

With regards to alignment:

In talking to the physical therapist I see about my shoulder and saw for my knee (knows me well now), I brought up the knee brace holding me back and that even without the brace, I could get in the position but it was a struggle.  She stated that everyone has a favorite side and it was probably more to do with my pelvis than knee.  She said that most folks always cross one leg over the other and not the other way around so it becomes natural to do something one way and forced to do it the other.  That and if you work at it, you could probably even it out.

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