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watea 94/84 monster 82???

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Hi there!!
First off, I have been checking the forum on line for quite some time and just decided to join. Seems like there is a lot of quality information (and people) on the site. I'm excited to be a part of it.
As a new member, I thought I'd give the forum a try and see if I could get some advice on my current dilemma. I work and ski in aspen (work for ski-co) and live just outside town which is a little more affordable (not affordable at all). I'm gritting my teeth as we get closer to the season and seeing the new 12" of snow over the past 24 hours has gotten everyone around here in a stir. Great stuff.
Anyway, right now I'm on 2 skis. I've got some '05 superspeeds (182) for railing grooms and some goats (190) for deeper stuff. I primarily ski Ajax and Highlands, so lots of bumps and steeps. Unfortunately, despite my love for my SS's, they leave me tired after a few runs and the bumps are difficult because the skis are soooo stiff and just wanna run. I'm looking for a ski that can fall in the middle of my quiver and be a true (if there is such a thing) 50/50. I would like something that is soft enough to be good in the bumps, but can still rail on the groomers and provide me with an enjoyable, fun experience without getting beat up (ie superspeeds). Short turns are a + due to the steaps available in the area. Surfing pow is not high on the list because I've got my goats for that. Something that is good for mixed and will show me a good time.
I'm currently looking at the Wateas (94 and 84) and the monster 82's. My concerns with each are as follows... 94's- a little too wide to be quick in the bumps. 84's- due to my weight and aggressive style, might not be stiff enough to support my style/girth. and the im '82's- might be too damp for a fun, snappy ride. A this point I think I can have fun on all the skis listed above, but want to get some advice and insight. See what others think.
As for me?- I'm 6'1, 220lbs and an aggressive skier (ex high school racer). I've been skiing for years and love speed, but am getting a little older (34) and want to mellow out a bit. My weakness lies in bumps which I worked on alot last year and am really excited about this season. I'd love a ski that could help me out a bit.
Any help would be great. Thanks-

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Welcome to Epic!

I recently made the decision to get 82's because I like the damp feel and like to go fast. If I skied Aspen I probably would have gone Watea 84's. Where you live the Wateas sound perfect, especially considering how much you enjoy bumps. Two very different skis...maybe demo them both, and a few others, then decide.
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Own both Wateas and have owned Mi82s. Although I tend to like damper skis, I definitely prefer the Wateas. Mi 82s were way too damp. You would probably want Watea 84s for your needs.
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in reference to the 84's, whats your size. Do you think a 220# guy like myself would buckle them?
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Peter I'm in your size range and ski on the watea 84's in the 176 length, worked good for me, fairly aggressive skier, like to hit the bumps allot and they never showed any sign of damage. I would go with the 84's over the 94's because like you said you have the goats for deep powder, and the 84 will give you a little quicker edge to edge over the 94. Granted the watea is not a stiff ski but I was skiing it on eastern hardpack and it will work if you get conditions like that occasionally. Soft snow, cut up stuff, bumps, trees it works great.
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Pete - I am your size and ski the 84s in 176 and haven't had any problems with "buckling" them. 

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Hey Pete - if you would be willing to throw the net out a bit wider, try the Volkl Bridge and the 4frnt MSP.  I'm your size and over the past two years I've used both of these as the compliment to my Gotamas in exactly the manner in which you described.  Try the Bridge in a 185; if you can demo the 4frnt you could choose either the 181 (92 underfoot) or the 187 (96 underfoot).  The 4frnt is damper than the Bridge.
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Pete, I ski the 84 in a 176 @155-160#/ 5'11."
I would probably recommend the 184cm for your weight as well as rocketing down Ajax.
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Thanks for all the advice!! You guys are awesome. Still haven't made the decision. Narrowed it down to the 84 and the im82. Probably do the demos next week. Season starts next week!!!! Wahoooooooo!!!!
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