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I'm a 21 year old male college student in New Orleans, LA looking to ski 20-25 days or so this year over winter break.  I am going to breckenridge from Dec 15-Jan 13 and am looking for a place to stay while i'm there.  A floor or futon is fine, and if it's safe and close to the mountain (shuttle is fine) I could pay like $300 for the month.  I'm a really easy person to live with and will be skiing most of the time anyways.  If you can house a small dog I have a 20lb lab mix who is really sweet, housebroken and plays well with people and dogs.  His name is Finn and he is great to be around.  If you can't house a dog please reply anyways because he can stay at his home in DC over the break.

It'll make your rent 300 cheaper if you just put me in some random place in your house on the floor, and we could both have fun with it, so whoever wants to try it reply!