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goggle lense help

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found a nice set of Oakley goggles today (crowbar i think) but im unsure what all the different lenses are for, what conditions etc. i would probably only wear them when its snowing out, usually wear sunglasses when its nice out. could someone explain all the different lenses and there usage? or is there somewhere on here it is listed? thanks,
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On the Oakley website, go to the accessory lenses, then on the bottom of the page where it opens up with the description of all the tints available, there will be a tab that says lens tints, this will show you what they look like to view through, as well as a  description of their intended weather choice.
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 I'd reconsider wearing sunnies on a good day, goggles are better in blocking wind, and also are safer during a crash.  That little thing aside, do go to the Oakley site and look at lens tints.  If you use them in bad weather I found that high intensity lenses work almost like a pair of headlights, pretty amazing difference.
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thanks guys, is there an "all around" lens or do you need multiple lenses for diff conditions?
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If you go on their site and drill down to the replacement lenses for your model, and then hit "Lens Tints", it has the descriptions and specs for all of them.

The really low-transmission (<= 20%) ones are designed for very bright conditions, and may be problematic in flat light.  Not that anything is great, but heavily tinted lenses won't help.

Clear is best for night skiing.

Any of the ones around 28-30% are 'all around' lenses.  Most goggles come with something like this already.
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