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level ll

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Ok everyone this is it -I am off to Okemo to take my Level 2 part 1(skiing)I have been training with our on hill examiner Rich Weiss for two months now. He says I am ready! So to any of you who are about to take an exam too Good Luck to you I know you wish the same for me!! Terry
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Good Luck, Terry! I'm sure you will do great!
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Good luck Terry. Rich is a good guy I had him for my level 2 last season. If he gave you the go ahead you're probably ready for the exam.

Let us know how it went when you return.

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Ski well, Terry! Have a great time, and keep us posted!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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good luck and good skiing
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So, how'd you do?!!!
I'm worrying about my technical/teaching bit, we haven't had much training in that here.
Hope you did good...got any tips?!
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Terry: Good luck with your level II exam. I know Rich Weiss, and if he said you're ready, then you're ready.I had Rich for both my level II & III over the last few years, and know him to be fair and a great guy to ski with. One of my kids from Loon will be there with you, Martha. I call her the energizer bunny, she never stops training. Good Luck Again.

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Hi everyone,
Sorry too keep you all waiting the skiing was just too good to come home so I stayed an extra day.
Level 2 part 1 is in the bag. What a huge event! Okemo hosted over 200 canidates for skiing and teaching. We had great conditions with mother nature helping us out this week with a foot and a half of new snow.
Getting through the two days was a bit stressfull but I knew I had all the right moves.5 out of 6 in our group passed.
Ant-here in the East we have a new format-you must pass the skiing part of the exam first before you go on to teaching. The skiing part is the easiet for me. Next season I will devote more of my training to the teaching technical side of things.
All of the Okemo canidates passed. Two of them took the teaching part-I was so happy to see silver on their jackets!!! So far the tips I have gotten are to keep everything simple and keep them moving.
Thanks everyone for all your support!!

I took my level 1 with Martha last year-I did see her at the exam.( I think she is the same person we are talking about) I am confident that she passed. I remember her skiing-she had strong solid skills.very nice skier!!
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congrats Tcarey :
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Well done Terry--congratulations!

The teaching part always seems to stress people out, but remember that it is WHAT YOU DO. Relax and trust yourself. Identify what the student wants and needs, and deliver! Keep it simple. Have good reasons for everything you do--including exercises, progressions, descriptions, focuses, terrain, and teaching styles, based on the individual student. You can't go wrong.

Above all, don't try to figure out--or guess--what the EXAMINER would do with that student. You'll never do it, and there is rarely a single "right answer" anyway. Just explain what YOU would do, why you would do it, and how you would do it.

Glad to hear you got some much-needed snow back there!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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