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Ankle issues with existing boots

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I have a pair of older Rossi Elite Pro 2's that I have skied for years (These are the black ones with what looks like carbon fiber in the tongue).  I am a former racer so having a tight fit in the footbed is something I grew use to in my younger days but I also was a competitive water skier (in my youth) and as a result I have rather large calves (18 inches around) for my size (I think) and have to pretty much expand the top two buckles to maximum in order to close them but can "crank down" the buckles over the top of the foot a knoch or two.  It should also be known that I like a LOT of forward lean (It's keeps me on the center of my skiis and allow my knees to absorb anything keeping me pretty balanced).

My issue is that last year I started to notice that it felt like the inside of my ankle (on one foot) was hitting the shell itself.  I did verify that there are no rivets nor unusual pressure points at that spot and that the liners still "appear" to have the same padding at those points.  My question is "What kind of material should I pick up to place padding on the inside of the shell itself or should I even bother?  I have a 13 year old who has the same size feet as me now (9.5 US) so I could always give these boots to him and since he does not ski competitively, his ankles and calves are pretty much "normal" and could probably wear these without too much difficulty.  My concern is that he is not an aggressive skier like I was.  Rather, he cruises down the slopes and rarely moves beyond medium difficulty blues so these might be a bit too stiff for him.  Then again, he is a kid who LOVES skiing and could ski all day on these and never complain.

This leads to my next question... From what I can tell, these boots do not have a "stiffness" rating like are on current boots (100, 110, ...150) so I am wondering what the stiffness equivalent might be for these boots so that I can be knowledgeable when I am shopping for replacement boots.  They "feel" like they are about a 100 to (maybe as much as a 110) based on my personal experience but I don't really know.  In general, I like pretty stiff boots as I learned long ago to really apply "shin pressure" on the inside edges to "work" a NASTAR run in my younger years.  A lot of the newer boots were simply WAY to "Squishy" for me until I found these 4 or 5 years ago.  I bought them new and had a shop fit them using the heated air or whatever it was they needed at that time.

Finally, if I do "hand these down" to my son, what kind of boot has a lot of "volume" in the calf area?  Also, as I am getting older (47 next month), I am also noticing that my forefoot is getting "fatter" and am thinking that I may need a 100+ forefront footbed.  I've heard good things about the Dalbello and am leaning that direction but would like to get an idea of which ones might "perform" at least a little like the Elite Pro 2s when I decide to push them.  I am probably a 7 or 8 level skier now-a-days and enjoy challenging blacks and even a few double black runs.  I currently weigh between 195 and 205 and am 5'10" tall currently skiing Fischer RC4 SC Pro's in 170 length and only bought those last year.  Up to that point I was skiing on my older Rossi 7S's in 198cm length (not shaped of course).
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ok i will address two of the points that you raise

1 ankle pressure, a few things could be done, stretch the shell to creat a space for the bone or grind a small amount of material or boot fit foam padding to surround the area if the whole area feels loose with a single pressure point

2 handing the boots down, the boot is probably too tall and too stiff for a 13YO, get him his own boots fitted to him if he skis alot, if it is only a week or so a year then probably just rent until his feet stop growing

as for the flex it is somewhere around 110 from what i remember of that boot but 11o form one manufacturer is different to 110 form another
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I agree with CEM.  Padding over the area is not a fix and will almost certainly make worse any balance and alignment issues.  The correct solution is to punch the shell.

As far as handing the boots down goes; boots for an 11 year old are not expensive.  Save heartache and problems by fixing what you have for your use or getting them away from your family.

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Thank you each for your guidance.  I have decided to take your advice and not try to "fix" the Elite Pro 2's.  Since my original post I have learned that they are significantly softer than I had originally believed.  In fact, they are a 90 flex and can be "softened up"by an adjustment on the rear of the boot itself so I think these are probably more like a typical recreational 85 flex.  Here's a link with some (minimalistic details) on this boot.

As you may have seen from other post on this site, I recently pick up a pair of older (new condition) Head 10.5 Edge Superheat 3 boots.  I went this direction because of Head's larger volume shell. 

I took both boots (and the son) to a local shop where I've bought boards and such throughout the years to have them give us some guidance.  They measured his foot as well as mine.  It turns out that width-wise the Rossignols are now simply too tight for me now that I've put on a few pounds.  He's 13 but he's already 5'7" so he's only 3 inches shorter than me and he wears mens pants (30x30) so a mens boot is the correct height.  The shop said that these would be better for him than rentals and agreed that there really was no point in spending $200 on a new pair he will just outgrow.

I realize that giving advice over the net can be difficult if you can't see the feet and the subjects but I do appreciate you giving it a try.
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