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Boots: Nordica Hot Rods vs Sportsmachine

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First off, I live in Austin, where the number of "ski shops" is laughable at best.  There are a few, but even there, the selection is very limited and there are very few brands represented (Salomon, Nordica, Tecnica).

I went in for some "fitting" yesterday and only one guy even tried the shell on me without liner.  I am 6'0" 185lbs and at 37yrs old, have been out of the sport for almost 10 years.  I am a severe overpronater with an average width foot (D unweighted, E weighted), fairly narrow heel, size 26.5.

I'm looking for an all-mountain boot and willing to give up a little performance for comfort.  The last pair of boots I owned were Nordica Grand Prix 90's and I don't care to put myself though that type of abuse at this age and number of days on the snow.

I liked the feel of the Hot Rod 75, but I fear it may have too much flex.  I was curious what the differences might be in fit and performance of these vs. the Sportmachine.

It looks like I may have to order boots online since I have a trip planned to Taos, and as much as I would love to get a good fitting by the Boot Doctors, I just don't think I will have the time this trip.  My thinking was I could get a good deal online and get a good fit done at the mountain while saving some money.

For reference, I also tried the Missions and the Tecnica Vento (last years' model) and they felt almost the same, maybe a slight edge to the Salomon.

I would specifically like to know the fit differences in the Lange Fluids or something similar vs those I tried on.


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Would this post be better served in the "ask the boot fitters" forum? 

Moderator note/   there you go, as if by magic the thread is moved
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now that we have moved you here the best advice is to see a good fitter, save your cash and make time to see the guys in Taos buyig boots on line is not a direction where you can guarantee getting it right and more often than not it ends in getting another pair of boots...similarily i would not suggest giving up performance in favour of comfort...the two can go hand in hand if the boot is the correct size and shape.. the missions and the vento are both 104mm lasts so wide fitting, the lang is a 100mm last in the fluid models so a much more controlling fit if it is correct for the foot
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I thought the Vento I tried on was a 101 last...not the high volume version.  I seem to recall the mission being close (100 or 102).  However, I will defer to the experts here rather than my own memory or what the guy at the shop told me.

I would love to just go straight to a Taos bootfitter, but not sure if they could accommodate my tight schedule (getting in on Sunday evening) for a short 3 day trip.

I also have to add, that like most people, cost is a concern.  In my case, it's more about the small number of days I'll be skiing each year than anything else.
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sorry vento (standard version) should be 101/102mm, don't have their list to hand right now... the mission is 104mm the mission RS is102mm

call the guys and see what they can do for you, they may be able to get you in and the cost will be saved in the long term
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Try setting something up with---


Charles Bradley, Instructor MasterFit University
The Boot Doctor Taos, NM
103 Sutton Place
Taos Ski Valley, NM 87525
Phone: (575) 776-2489
toll free: 866-820-4441
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