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New Ski Company: SCC Skis

SCC Skis: A new company by Jeff, John and Jonathan Thompson from Michigan, USA in 2009 with a full line of handmade, all-mountain, big-mountain, twin-tip and powder skis. Construction details listed on the site include:

- "Race Grade" Durasurf UHMW-PE Base
- UHMW-PE/PET-G Topsheet
- Extra Wide 2.2 Millimeter Edges
- Vibration Dampening Rubber (VDS)
- 4-8 Millimeter ABS Sidewalls
- Ash/Beech Laminated Wood Core
- Triaxial Fiberglass
- "Exclusive" Hybrid Carbon/Kevlar layers (?)

Some photos of the workshop on the website show them clamping hand-laminated cores together with Gorilla Glue...should be beefy cores by the look of the picture.....

Prices range from $475 to $650 usd. The powder ski uses poplar core and has a rockered tip and tail with camber underfoot and pintail for 35m radius @ 190cm. The twintip is symmetrical with custom flexes and beefier carbon/Kevlar layers available. Their "Big Mountain" ski is flat (zero camber), utilizing an ash core with 107mm underfoot for a 25m radius @ 187cm. The "All/Big Mountain" model turns an 18m radius @ 180cm with an ash/beech core 100mm underfoot. The "All Mountain" model tightens up the group with 17.5m radius @ 175cm. Each model is available in one length in 2009-2010, but color options are offered.

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