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Critique Shogun/Lord

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Today I was at Copper and demo'ed a 185 lord, 182 and 191 shogun.

Conditions were basically across the board.  Bits of powder, bumps, crud, and ice. 

Lord first.
This was a very good ski in my opinion.  Its tip design makes it seem a bit more forgiving.  Responded well on quick carve to slide turns.  It did feel a little soft and less stable at higher speeds, but felt like a ski that would do well in softer bumps and trees.

The 182 shogun seems like the ultimate all around ski. Carving, it didn't let go if I hit on ice and is a riot on groomers. I would like to actually ride it in some powder to see how it floats, but I know it will be the best ski for the powder bumps.  I say the 182 as the ultimate because I feel this is the right length to be able to cross over to the trees.  

The 191 is the 182 and more.  It does not chatter at very high speeds, and it still carves like a dream.  The rocker on this ski is very nice, this length seems like the ski for straight powder, but I'm sure there are better ski's for these situation.

All in all I think I'm going to be purchasing the 182 guns. I really like how the radius on the shogun is close to the gun, its just a +5mm underfoot with a bamboo core(makes you come out of a carve feeling like you can pop 2 feet up in the air).  For summit county it seems like a great three quiver to go along with an ar6 park and recon all mountain ski.
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Not to diss, but this should be under Gear Review....  With that being said, YOU SKIED TODAY?  I'm so F****N jealous!!!!!!!!!!            Got to get on my boards.... 
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