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Good facts for why in-bounds skiing has never been considered "extreme" by all-terrain skiers. And "extreme" is not "better" it is only ego when it comes to comparisons. But many people find that the more in-line with gravity their turns are - the more fun they are, and this kind on terrain then only comes in the Rockies, Sierras, Alps, Cacauses . . . and other such mountains . . . very rarely lift served.

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GregB, notice you are up in Montana now. I dug through some piles of paper and found what was the steepest long in resort route I'd found. Have you been down it and if so how was it? Big Coulour at Big Sky:

topo printed at 4.66" = 5280 feet

10600________.18_______ 98_________44
1000'________.895"______98.6%_______44.6 degrees
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Nope, I've never skied it. I've only skied Big Sky once since the tram has gone in. Glancing up it commands respect, the snow often is chunky and cut-up crusty stuff. Maybe BSR has skied it. It is a big hairy beast for an in bounds run!

OK-You got me started. I called up topozone to one of my favorite backcountry runs. The top of it is at UTM 12503011E 5081763N. It extends north from there. I got a horizontal length of 1520 ft. and a vert of 1280 ft. Slope degrees averages 40.1. Steepest 200 ft is 46.17 degrees. One good feature of this run is you can climb and ski it, getting back to your car before the beer gets warm (or back home for breakfast).

But it's not in a ski area. Also I ski it pretty carefully. Look at the movie Dr. Strangeglove, it's at the end of the Bridger sequence, shot from a helicopter.
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Hmm, looking at that pic (the one that is "steeper" than Blowhole) but it really doesn't look like the slope itslf is much more than steep 30's. Upper 30 degree chutes (35 and up) can certainly feel like a shear face, but it is not until you actually ski a 45 or greater that you realize the difference. Does anybody know the actual angle of this particular run? I remeber the first time I got dragged out to an actual 45 degree chute when I was 17. The actual name of the run is 45 Degree Trees. It is a tree riddled narrow chute, luckily not very long. It really changed my perspective on "steep". I later found out some of the stuff I had been claiming to be 40 degrees was really only about 30 or so. After you actually break the 45 mark, too, it is humbling to watch guys like McConkey drop 60 degree faces with style and grace.
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Devil's Crotch vs. PAVALOCHINNI'S ?

I never skied PAVALOCHINNI'S (Shame on me) but Devil's Crotch is VERY tame. The East Wall at A-Basin is where, I think (could be wrong) the steepest in bounds terrain is in Colorado. An OOB section of The North Face in Crested Butte is where the National Xtreme Skiing Championships are held, and it is ruthless - but I think that is the only thing in Colorado rivaling the east wall.
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I remember the first time I skied Palivacinni which I had read about in ski mags beforehand. The snow was superb, wind buff at the lip, the bumps nice and loose, and it was comparable to West Face in its steep section though shorter. I just measured it as:

11800'__71.3%____35.4 degrees
1360'___50.6% grade___26.8 degrees

East Wall gully at A-Basin west of the Lenawee Pk was 77.8% grade or 38 degrees in the steepest 200 foot section. Nothing to get that excited about.

Also for dchan and Pete here is Alta's High Rustler:

9400'__71.1%____35.4 degrees
1120'___60.0% grade____31 degrees

Now for perspective for you in the East,
Killington's Outer Limits (not) The SBRITE:

2800'__48.6%____26 degrees
1160'___35.7%____19.6 degrees

I would not put much credibility in that list in alan's
post from Snoworld. All steep no doubt, just didn't do
all his homework. Probably a word of mouth list. One
needs to define a minimum distance for being steep. One
100 foot section at 40 degrees doesn't look as serious
as 400 feet at 35 degrees. -dave
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I watched a rerun of the GS at St Anton, that Daron Rahlves won (since the DH was posponed due to too much snow - don't yer heart just bleeeed for 'em?). I heard some real crap spew out of the mouth of the announcer at the beginning. At the steep right turn pitch, the announcer stated that the pitch was 70 degrees! Yeah, right! Coming over a 70 degree pitch at those speeds, and the guys would be landing in the parking lot! Maybe 70%... maybe.
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SSSDave's findings are based on topo maps. How much of a difference does snowpack make? I know some runs form sort of a cornice at the top and then fill in with snow, making the run steeper than the actual ground below.
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JohnH- I saw the replay too and heard the same mumbles (I thought the announcer said something like 68 degrees). From the way he mumbled it I was trying to figure out if he was really talking about the sharpness of the turn instead of degree of the slope. A 70 degree turn at 70 mph is pretty extreme.

It was incredible to see the shaping of the skis in some of the slow motion. Brings to mind memorys of a picture back in the 70s of a racers leg that looked like a warped S.
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Powder, he was talking specifically about how steep the hill was. But maybe he just screwed up his facts and it is a 70 degree turn, and he just screwed up and called it a 70 degree pitch.

Yeah, those skis start to look like wet noodles when they get hammered at those speeds.
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hmm. someone was talking about either skyward or cloudspin at whiteface. whiteface has EASILY the steepest stuff in the east that i've found. evreything else is laughable in comparison... starr... goat... liftline... national... outer limits... vertigo.... white heat... white nitro at sugarloaf matches the top of skyward, but doesnt go down 1500+ vertical like skyward does... however, none of these compare to out west. nothing like the palisades or granite chief at squaw, nothing like some of the bowls at the peak at whistler (whatchamacallit? i think it was west chute or something... not on the map but the instructor i was with back in 8th grade said he had measured it with one of those commercial tools and it was pretty consistent at 45 degrees)... the east is somewhat steep, sometimes. out west it REALLY is steep. not this half-assed steep we have here (oh, wow, 35 degrees), but stuff that's actually scary to stand on. The world cup mogul trail at whiteface is around 33ish degrees. the lift that goes up averages to be 28.1 degrees, if i remember correctly, but the trail has a flat part at top and bottom. i think the palisades were steeper than anything else i hit at squaw and a bit steeper than the steeper stuff i skied at whistler. this year i'm going to jackson and i'll be damned if i dont ski the steepest stuff i've done yet, considering i finally have midfats and i have 2 yrs racing experience since last time i was out west.

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Okay.... In a couple weeks, I'm going to Squaw for the first time. I LOVE wicked steeps, but with the new knee and a baby on the way, I'm not looking for something that I need to drop more than 5-10 feet to get into. What's the absolute steepest sh!# at Squaw that I can get into (and out of) without having to use a parachute? Even if it's only 10-20 turns, I'm looking for something that barely holds snow. I guess I also need it to be wide enough to make turns. The straight-run-into-oblivion thing doesn't get my rocks off. I like to turn. Is there anything there like that, that's in the 60+ degree range?
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This is interesting stuff.
I skied in Regal Chute at Alta this past week. I think it's listed with a pitch of 41 degrees and about 8' wide most of the way down. Maybe about 100 yards down... Very fun. Definately not the place for reaching short turns.. <FONT size="1">

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Check out Rob Gaffney in "1999". His turns on Eagles Nest are incredible. It looks close to 60 degrees.
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the palisades are the steepest things i've found but there are other really crazy stuff, or so i've heard, but i couldnt find it on my own.. a sweet little chute called funnel on the back of emigrant lift on the edge of the whodickawatchit... o yeah that's right, on the edge of the attic. i havent been for 2 years so i dont remember how exactly to describe it. if you dont mind hiking granite chief is the bomb. there's the crow's nest on top of KT 22... just go around the back of those big rocks and climb up the ridge there. sometimes there'sa cornice but it's always sweet. there's a ton of good stuff. i'd recommend taking a 'group lesson' and then when they see how good everyone is, smoke them all. you'll get a nice, private tour.

It's not bragging if it's true - Mohammed Ali

There are two reasons for everything, the good reason and the real reason
-J. Pierpont Morgan

If life was easy everyone would be successful.
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That's what we did our first time at Whistler. It was just 2 of us (me and one of the guys I'm going to SV with). We took a 3hr group lesson and asked to find the steeps. There's no lesson that's more fun for the instructor either.
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Where is Eagle's Nest? Is it on the trail map?
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i described it a bit in my post. it's up on top of KT... when you get to the top and go left you traverse behind a big rock (on your left) and to hte right is the closed area that looks out on alpine... at least it was closed when i was there.... when you are passed the rock, turn and face that huge wide open semi-bowl, but then hike up to the left. very short hike but a decent pitch. short but some good turns and often powder left over from lazier skiers who didnt want to hike it.

It's not bragging if it's true - Mohammed Ali

There are two reasons for everything, the good reason and the real reason
-J. Pierpont Morgan

If life was easy everyone would be successful.
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Thanks Glytch!
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Before climbing up there you better check out the "1999" movie. It's steeep. I'm pretty sure it's steeper than I could negotiate.
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lol.... i think John'll be able to handle it... really not very steep. the palisades are a helluvalot steeper, at any rate. things in movies are decieving. camera angles make every thing seem steeper than it really is. that's kind of the point. besides, it's only like 15 or 20 short turns worth anyway. i'll remember that little section forever, tho. there's a bit of a knife-edge type ridge... it was my last run in 8th or 9th grade. remember because i was sitting up top with a friend and we spotted a couple of lines that were untracked from 7 days earlier. sweet.
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Is this something I'll be climbing up and skiing down the same path? Is it visible from below? If I can get a look at it from the bottom, or see it on the way up, I'll be able to make the decision.

Who did the movie "1999"? I would need to find it.

Hey, if Gaffney can ski it, so can I. As Pierre says; if it holds snow, it can be skied. The only setback might be getting my ski buds to hike it with me and ski it. I don't know that I'd want to do it alone, and I'm a bit more game for stuff like that then they are.
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No. Yes. Scott Gaffney filmed 1999. He has a website but I can't locate it now. The movie is sold through many sports video outlets currently for 24.95.
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Does anyone no the degree of pitch of the Avalanche Chutes off chair 22 at Mammoth?
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The eagle's nest is NOT THAT STEEP lol. i really dont think too many people would chicken out on it. you walk up on a smooth, not very steep little hill and basically enter the top of the GS bowl (again i might have my bowls mixed up... this is the main one near the kt quad) a little earlier on a moderately steeper pitch. you can see it from the base of the mountain, easily. the mt. has a 'crown' of rocks, if you will, and the eagles nest is just under them.
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Found it on Powder. www.scottgaffney.com
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Thanks for the link. I was hoping there would be some still shots showing what you are referring to. I'd hate to spend $20+s&h just to see a pic of a spot at SV. Is the video worth twenty-some bucks?

is it steeper than the chute I'm in on one of the last posts of the first page of this thread? (the one where I'm just standing there looking like a poser). That's FUN steep!
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I think it's the best ski film in the last several years, better than anything from TGR. The editing, humor and music are as good as Stumpy's in my opinion. I am 48 and have enjoyed viewing it at least 20 times. It's worth it.

Eagles Nest (or Crows Nest, whatever) looks to be as steep or steeper than the pics of you in a chute at Whistler. I'm thinking I might be able to hop down that spot, but I'd freeze on Eagle's Nest. I think it is in the movie twice, now I'll have to watch it tonight. See what you've done!
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JohnH, you can see it on this map:

On review, this map isn't going to help you much other than to show it to the left of the rocks. Never hiked it, but have entered the bowl many times and looked at it from below. Glytch is right, you'll like it.<FONT size="1">

I didn't see the movie, but maybe Gaffney skied a line between the rocks. I think Glytch is talking about the very nice and quite wide face to the left of the rocks in the map.

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yup, that's the one i'm referring to. IT IS NOT THAT STEEP! not nearly as steep as the chute you were in, which seemed about as steep as the palisades. when i was there they were hardpack so i only skied national and main.... they were still fun and you should do them... not a big drop, maybe 5 feet, but if you carry any speed you're going to be dropping a helluva lot farther than 5 feet. i dont know how you would get between the rocks up there at the top of KT, but it looks like it'd be pretty crazy and a lot of fun.

any suggestions for Jackson Hole? i'm going in a week and a half (HOLY $HIT IT's THAT CLOSE!?)

It's not bragging if it's true - Mohammed Ali

There are two reasons for everything, the good reason and the real reason
-J. Pierpont Morgan

If life was easy everyone would be successful.
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