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 I post generally at TGR, but was messing around here in the gear reviews and noticed that there were some questions about this ski and not many answers so thought I'd do a bit of cross-pollination in the name of world peace ;)

Me- 5'10" 165 lbs
Level- not sure in epic world, I'm ok, 50 days a year in Cham, but I'm still a working stiff
Skis I like- 180 explosiv, 179 Zag 88, 185 Nordica Blower, 184 mythic rider
Conditions- Zermatt preseason, firm piste, wind affected off piste

The most notable trait of the ski from the get go is the short turn radius.  I tend to like that as I'm more of a tip it over rather than bend the ski kinda skier.  You roll it over and it hooks up beautifully, but at the same time with a little more or less pressure you can alter the radius very easily.  It has tremendous snow feel while still being damp enough not to let small changes in the snow texture throw it off line.  I really love the way it absorbs different types of snow.  In tricky off piste snow its got enough float to stay high and where you'd think the sidecut would work against it (I am an explosiv lover) it doesn't seem to and is strong enough to power through anything.  

In conclusion, it's a great ski that can be skied slow or fast, off-piste or on and still be a whole lotta fun.  It's only downfall is that it's a tad heavy so no go for a touring stick.