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Driving in Utah

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I plan to drive from Grand Junction, CO. to Salt Lake City and was wondering if there are any "speed traps or other areas of concern" for a freewheelin travler.


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Pretty much all of Rt. 6 through Price until you get to I-15. Its heavily enforced and legitimately pretty dangerous for the freewheelin traveler. 
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Thanks, seems like I'd heard that before. Maybe 70 to 15?

Am a safe driver, over 50yrs old, don't speed.

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I drive that regularly in the winter, and my advice is not to drive over Soldier's Summit in the dark if possible, especially in a storm.  It is wide open territory with bad visibility, high winds, and very little road marking.  In a snow storm the semi-trucks blast past you at high speed and visibility goes to zero.  If you stay in Price, you can get to the Snowbird parking lot in about 2 hours.  I'm no pussy, and have done it many times at night, but IMO it is rather sketchy, even in good conditions.  Once you get on the interstate, use the commuter lane on the left, where you can go 70-75.  Everybody speeds once you get to Spanish Forks.
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