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Plastic Repair

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 I have a small 0,5inch long tear/ripp in the upper plastic part of my Lange shoes Its the feet part not the enkel part and its not close to the bindings. Is there a way to repair this and prevent further tearing?

Thanks in advance, Ivo
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drill a small hole 2-3mm at the end of the split, this should stop it progressing any further.

if you are skiing hard or racing you can have a small metal plate riveted across the slit as well, this takes the strain off the plastic and prevents any further splitting
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 You can also repair by heating a small nail and melting a small hole at the end of the tear. 
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Thanks guys, i have melted a small hole at the end of the tear.
Lol would be a shame just bought some used grizzlies now to have to buy new shoes instead, which i actually like...
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