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Colorado from 12/17 ~ 12/25...

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Thanks to all the great feedbacks on my previous thread, I find a reasonable one-bedroom in Dillon. This will be my first time ever in CO and I plan to ski all 6 resorts within 7 days... Not sure if this a good idea~ I'm just trying to enjoy the views, ski every pistes if possible, and chill:) 

2/18: Beaver Creek.
2/19~20: Vail.
2/21: Copper Mt.
2/22: Breckenridge.
2/23: Keystone.
2/24: Arapahoe Basin.

1.) Do you recommend to skip any one of the resorts? stay an extra day to explore the hidden gem?


2.) Can I ask my friend in Denver to use my driving license to purchase a Colorado Pass for me?

3.) I cant find the price for single day lift ticket... so would it be a good buy for Epic Pass if I only come to CO one time this season? Copper Mt is not included in the Epic Pass:(

4.) Which restaurant/bar will you recommend for Xmas eve around Dillon or Frisco??


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 Hi BrianInfo.

Looks like you are in for quite an adventure. One thing I'll point out is that you plan to spend a Saturday and Sunday at Vail. Those days are usually the most crowded, so you might want to head over to Beaver Creek instead. Unless you know your way around Vail, (and learn how to avoid the bulk of them,) the weekend crowds can seem a bit stifling. 
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XMAS eve will be deserted most everywhere.  I'd use that day for one of the resorts that tends to have more traffic, e.g. Breck or Vail.  Copper is probably also a good place to avoid the crowds.

You have to buy the CO pass in person -- a driver's license will not do it for you. A 6 day advance lift ticket for the Vail Resorts areas will run you about $335 -- you have to buy it 10 days in advance.  You can find out more on the Vail website:  www.vail.com  A single day ticket at Copper will run you about $90.


The EPIC pass is a good deal if you find a way to get another trip in.



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Your gonna have a blast,  I go out the first of December every year for the first of multiple trips each year. I ski mainly at Beaver Creek and Keystone. The previous posts are correct,  Vail on weekends can be tuff, Beaver Creek  on the times I have been there you or maybe three people will be on a run at anytime.
Of couse the Bev is famous for free hot chocolate in the morning and hot cookies at the end of the day. The end of the day is a great time to hit the Chophouse at the base and sit outside and watch people ski down while nursing a cold beer, if you are lucky you can plop your beer in standing snow on the outside tables, nature's own cooler. Hit the Blue Moose for pizza by the slice, in the village by the ice rink, and walk up to the Park Hyatt and sit outside by the firepit while the day ends and have a beer. I love Keystone great vibe, not as upscale but great sking and village life, back bowls are strong draw.

And start working out  six rsorts in six days, will wear you out,good luck and be safe!
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I would suggest that you not pick a Basin day 6 weeks in advance. Late Dec can be stormy or bluebird and the difference is more important there than all the other places. Go there your nicest day and save the stormy days for other places. Keystone skis well in a storm. Also try to find a non-windy day for Breck.
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You can actually purchase the Colorado pass online this year for the first time.  http://www.snow.com/passsales/default.aspx?cmpid=PPC5006491
Sales end Nov. 15, so hurry!
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I'd skip Keystone and give Breck, Vail or BC an extra day...
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Thanks so much, guys!! I will definitely rearrange my schedule accordingly, based on the weekends crowd and weather concern! 

I called the customer service last week and the agent said the last day for pass sale is 11/22. I will definitely call again tmrw to find out if it because the quota of pass sale has been reached. Unfortunately, there is no way to get around that Colorado Pass $459, the rest of the passes can be purchased online:(

Did someone say hot chocolate, cookies, beer??? Oh man...... I dont think I will ever wanna come back to LA:) 

Just an info to share: 
50% Off Pre-Holiday Sale. Give your  holiday gift early this year with our Pre-Christmas sale.  50% off lodging when you book by 11/20.  Valid 12/19-12/26

I looked it up and it costs roughly $700 for 6 nights, sleep 4, if the cheapest hotel is chosen. So it might not be a bad deal at all... Kinda debating right now if I should choose Dillon for $800+ for 8 nights where you have to drive to every ski resorts, or spend $900~$1000 at Keystone where at least you are steps away to ONE ski resort, but might not be a huge factor because I plan to try these 6 ski resorts anyway~
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I'd skip staying at Keystone.  It's a longer drive to all of the resorts than staying in Dillon.  And there is more services in Dillon/Frisco.

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