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need suggestions for 1 week ski holiday close in BC for Dec 7th

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i'm a level 4-5 skiier..live in vancouver bc

my motivation: to up my ski skills so i can make a good go at it for backcountry  too (have joined 2 organizations with trips starting in jan)...im not into extreme stuff. but would like to get into powder and a good variety...i have only skied whistler/blackcomb once before. 

so far only researched:
1/whistler and blackcomb: 5 nights at whistler (some lodge) @ $109 x 5 nights, 5 days of lift tickets and their ski esprit program each day for 5 days...(can't afford their supergroup daily lesson @ $240 with max of 3 people)...i like the ski esprit program (cheaper @ $389 for 5 days) asI thought despite it' program having a max of 8 people given it's early in season, maybe it won't fill so the teacher to student ratio will be good and lower, ie, 4 to 1 or so...so similar to supergroup 3 to 1 but much cheaper.
Total for 5 days/nights: is with tax (lodging, lift and ski espirt) $1165

any other suggestions?
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forgot to mention that the other resort i've been to was sun peaks for 4 days a few years ago with my ex girlfriend...this will be a solo trip, btw.
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Your other options are Big White, Sun Peaks, Silver Star or Revelstoke based on the scheduled or projected opening dates and a 6 hour (approximate) driving time from Vancouver. I think Whistler will be at least as good as anything you could pick up at the other resorts in this mix (with the possible exception of Revy. Since they have the cat skiing operation working out of the base lodge you might get a deal to try that.) I've taken a group lesson from Whistler (level 5 in their 6 level rating system) and was quite happy with the instruction. With a week at the resort you should be able to make some good progress on your general skills. What particular aspects of your skiing are you trying to improve? Are you looking to learn telemarking techniques or do you feel your powder skills need upgrading? 
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i'm going with my work's ski club to big white in jan for 4 days.

as per your query, what am i trying to improve? i''m only a level 4ish...so want to improve my overall confidence levels and take on steeper and faster blue runs (read: speed and control vs going mach 4 and hoping i won't eat bark and meet my maker lol)...also to improve my ability to ski better on varied ski conditions, ie, ice, crud and also of course powder to prep myself for upcoming backcountry skiing single day intro trips  (have joined bcmc and the alpine club)
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 1--you know what sort of sucks is that my local mtn cypress doesn't offer any multiday ski lesson pkgs like the ski esprit program at whistler...i'm thinking of even calling up the ski school to see if i could make up some pkg....but people say still go to whistler/blackcomb for better instructors let alone ski terrain and nightlife (also just being away from vancouver).

2--i've heard great things on revelstoke...i know a ski club (pacific ski club) has a trip going there the last week of dec which i'm stoked to do but have to work (cough cough cough...feeling that cold coming on again)

3--if you know of any really good instructors at both cypress/whistler that'd be great...aside from the ski esprit program i've also read good things on the dave murray program
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 I think that Big White is one of the best resorts around for intermediate skiers.

I've never been, but Baker should be on your radar. It is very close to Vancouver but involves a border crossing. My feeling is that it is a hill best suited for better skiers though.
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If you are looking for blue runs, forget Baker.  You'll either be bored, or in over your head. 

Take a look at Silver Star.  The front of the mountain has great blue runs that are extremely well taken care of.  There's a lot of diverse terrain that should keep you entertained for days.
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thanks...you know what it just occured to me: i'm going skate skiing with (the nordic racers from vancouver  to silver star for 3 days...and thought 'since i'm already up here, and on vacation for another 2 wks, why not just stay a bit longer and check out their downhill program, too' (doh!)...i've heard alot of good things about silver star....

in late january i'm then heading with our work ski group to go to Big White for 4 days.
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