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Skinny shins vs high instep

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Hello all, this is my first post here. I am 27 years old, 6.1 feet tall, 154 pounds, advanced/agressive skier. I like skiing challenging terrain, usually off piste, trees, steeps or bumps.

I am in the process of getting fitted for a new pair of boots and spent a couple of hours with a bootfitter today, and he took a good look at my foot drawing the following conclusions:

- medium to narrow width
- long arch (for what he suggested a custom footbed, and I thought it was a good idea)
- bump making the  instep high
- skinny shins

And he put me in the following boots: Salomon impact 9,  Salomon impact 10, Lange Fluid 10.

As I tried these boots on, I either had pressure on my instep, or extra space on the cuff. Sometimes the pressure on the instep would block circulation.

Because I have skinny shins, but a high instep, the bootfitter thought it would be better to prioritize having enough space for the instep over having the shins wrapped snugly by the cuff. Because he said this way he could fill in the extra space on the cuff with some kind of custom foam and make it snug.

So my question is, if this is a solution that you guys are familiar with, and if it's considered a good solution. Or if you guys know better ways to solve this.

Also, I know you would actually have to see my feet. But if anyone has suggestions of boots to try based on the description above
, that would be great!

The store was about to close, so I scheduled to go there next week to try a couple more boots on and discuss some customizing solutions.

Help will be greatly appreciated.
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the most worrying bit is the foot width of medium to narrow and the boot selections all of which are 100mm last which IMO is medium if not a touch wider than medium.... but we have not seen your foot and a 2 word decription is not going to get you a great fit

without seeing the foot it is a tough call but the instep can be pushed up in a boot so i would be concentrating on finding a shell which hold the foot well everywhere with a bit of pressure on top of the foot (which can be worked)  volume around the cuf can be taken up either by changing the liner or by adding some padding but it sounds like you may need to work with a different fitter

where are you based we may be able to recomend somewhere

good luck getting it sorted
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Thanks for answering CEM. I guess I was trying to find out if the boot fitter could be trusted.

I live in NYC and went to Paragon for this first try. I based my choice on some research on the web, and particularly a review in this forum of a guy that went to most of the not many places in the city, and found Paragon's  service to be the best.

So anyway, I would definitely like if someone could recommend me a boot fitter. I know there aren't many good options in the city, so unless I'm wrong about this assumption, I am willing to drive somewhere in the east coast to get this done properly.

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Jeff Rich at U.S. Orthotic Center is a well respected boot fitter if you can get an appointment. 
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I scheduled an appointment for a consultation with him. Thanks!
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