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Hi there,
I'm new to this so please bear with me. The last time I had a pair of boards on my feet was at Killington the Spring on 1988. I was skiing on a pair of 210cm Atomic redsleds with Lange Comp TI boots and Marker M4 racing bindings. Yes, I did a lot of gate crashing back then. Being away for some 21 years things have changed. I grew up skiing "boiler plate" ice or soft snow, as soft as it could get in upstate NY. We skied every chance we got at Gore and Whiteface when we weren't racing as part of "Eastern" (USSA-East) or Nastar, family equitable etc.
Okay - I need gear. Ski's, boot's, bindings etc. I considered myself an expert back then having skied at Tuckerman's Ravine a few times and other places known for thier double blacks & blues.
Can someone point me at some suitable equipment. My skiing will be limited to long flat (steep is okay) rollers so big sweeping GS style turns or short slalom type turns will be the norm. Any help will be appreciated.