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Hey everyone,

I am about to head over to Canada, from Australia, to work for the season and was hoping to get some advice on what skis to buy.
I'm not sure what level skier I would be. I have been skiing since I was young (now 20) but only really get to the snow for a few weeks every year. I parrallel turn, can ski all black runs in Aus, I have been to Colorado and have skied black runs at copper, beaver creek, keystone, back bowls of vail etc some of which were starting to push my ability but didnt have any major problems... no crashes... Although some weren't I am sure most of these would have been the lower of the black runs and they were groomed or mainly smooth. I can handle smaller mogals if its not too steep but lose my rhythm after a while and stop then start again.
I am looking to improve alot over this season in overall skiing as well as mogals and maybe some park (double tips would be cool but not essential).

Think that just about sums me up as a skier, thanks for your help. I am also in need of some boots and bindings but boots are usualy a comfort based thing but suggestions would be great.

Ps. If anyone has any suggestions for work or knows of work around the revelstoke area that would awesome.

Thanks a heap for your help,