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bindings for gotamas for a short fat guy

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I just recently bought a pair of 08/09 gotatamas, now I need the bindings to match, and it's making my head spin....

I am 5'9" but weigh a health 240.  I don't need the AT type as I'm not walking anywhere.  I'm not super great skier but if I'm going to spend the money I don't want to short change myself.

Are the movable Marker bindings worth it to an intermediate/advanced skiier?  Or is it only noticable for those of you elite skiers that are in the park and dropping off cliffs?

Local ski shop has the following Marker griffon or jester (fixed or movable), the Dukes, or the Head Mojo 15.  That was what was recommended from them.

I should mention that I'll be skiing the Pacific NW.  These skis would be a new snow day ski only as I have another set.  However....if I have to meet up with the kids after their lessons (they're 8 and 7) I may have to use them on the groomers for a couple of runs (which is why I'm wondering about the movable bindings from marker).

Again, thanks for any input.

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4-12 with a 105+ mm brake.

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In general, the higher DIN bindings are a bit more durable construction. Probably not a huge issue for an intermediate. OTOH, you are not in the weight realm most lower DIN bindings are engineered for. And shoe size matters. If you have itty bitty feet, your DIN will be be set higher. Big feet, lower. So you can do what SJ said, or kick it up a notch to an STH 14 or Jester type range  depending on personal preference or if your feet are at one size extreme or another. Only do a Duke or Baron if you absolutely plan to skin.

As for moving the bindings around...use search to find the threads where thar generation Gotama mount point has been beaten to death. That generation of the Gotama is well "characterized". Mount them where SJ said to (for heavier folks)  in the most contentious thread on the topic.  That generation goat skis great as an all mountain ski. Especially so in the PNW for much of the season. Mount it and ski it. (vs this year's where it'll likely take some time for a consensus to emerge on whether Volkl hit it with with the "zero" reference or not)
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6'1" 260 Highly aggressive/expert skier

My personal binding experiences:
The Salomon STH 14: Solid binding and has a large and loyal following. I found them to be ok but they did have some problems. In deep powder this binding pre-released on me from time to time. A big downfall is the plastic; The metal race version of this binding would be better. (If you can find them)

Look PX-15 racing: The binding I currently use now. It's metal, beefy, and can hold the ski when I'm really powering them. I've never pre-released from them (DIN is set at 10 for everyday skiing) and have no reservations about recommending them. The only downfall is the price of this binding, but last years is on sale at evogear right now for 160$. http://www.evogear.com/outlet/alpine-ski-bindings/look-px-15-racing-fs-2009.aspx
my advice is to grab them!

Duke/baron: my friend has a pair and they seem to do the job pretty well. There are a lot more parts/things to break on this binding, so if you don't need a touring mode I would skip them.

One word of caution: I am assuming that you are comfortable with a DIN of 8 or above. Most metal bindings are marketed for expert skiers and don't offer a lower DIN setting. If you plan on staying at your current level/have a gigantic boot/are going to lose weight I would go for the STH 14 or 12 (DIN can be set as low as 6)
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