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Din adjustment question

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 I just got a pair of atomic sx:7s and they have the atomic 310 binding on them and the shop that put the bindings on also set the DIN. They are currently set at 6 but when I was skiing yesterday I went to make a turn and came straight out of the bindings.I am 5' 9" weigh about 145 and am intermediate/advanced skier. Should I increase the DIN setting and if so by how much? 
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You must consider that the binding may have come off for a reason other than a too low DIN.

How many turns did you make without it coming off? Were you sligtly off balance when it came off? Was there something in the snow that caught the ski and pulled it off (not a snow snake, but maybe a rock, pebble or other non-slippery object that is not uncommon in early season snow)? Was your boot perfectly centered in the binding? Was there ice or snow under your boot? Did the toe or heel release? What kind of turn were you making?

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The DIN sounds right for your stats. Maybe your boot sole wasn't clean? I would stay at 6 and if it happens again then turn them up to 61/2 DIN. Disclaimer-There your legs not mine.
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DIN 6 sounds about right (but the exact setting also depends on your boot sole length).

More likely, you weren't stepped into the binding properly that one particular time. Did this happen to you more than once?
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 It only happened once yesterday, so it was probably my boot not being perfectly centered or something like that. It was a hard right over a slight roller. I thought that maybe  it was something else but I am trying out for my schools ski team and just wanted to ask so it doesn't come off while we are doing gates.
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