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Looking for one set of skis to do everything

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I am an east coast guy that gets to make one or two trips out west per year and maybe some trips up to WV.  I am currently skiing on what are probably 10 year old Dynastar 4x4.  These things are beat up and need to go away. 

That is where you guys come in.  I am in search of a set of skis that will let me do it all.  I am 6'2" and 260lbs.  I would consider myself to be advanced and enjoy powder, bumps, steeps, and groomers (not a park guy at all).  What would you recommend?  Thanks in advance.
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A lot of people look for one ski quiver that can do it all, but the reality is you'll make some sacrifice.  Do you want a ski for the east that you can take out west, or do you want a ski for the west that you can use in the east.  Every one ski quiver choice has some compromise and you need to prepare for that.  Everyone who answers this thread will have an opinion based on their experience.  OK, my 2 cents; since I'm a Volkl fan I'll recommend the Volkl Mantra (great for the west but can still handle the east) Volkl AC50 or 30 (great all mountain but won't give you the float of the Mantra).  K2 has a bunch of great all mountain skis as well as Line, Kastle, etc...  One suggestion, pick up Ski & Skiing gear guide and try to figure out what category you fall and that will help you narrow your search.  Good Luck...

FYI, my quiver consists on Volkl 7-24/AC3 (70 mm) for East and now Midwest ice skiing, Volkl AC4 Unlimited (82 mm) as my do all ski and the Volkl Mantra (96 mm) for heading out west when I'm not sure what I'll find.  When I do get on a plane and travel, it's almost always the Mantra. 
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Thanks for the tip on the Mantra.  I see that Al's Ski Barn has it for 449.  Would you recommend that I get the 184 or 191?
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Well, if you like the old 4x4, you could get the new Dynastar Contact 4x4.    A lot of people seem to like them.  (I love the Contact LTD I have, but I haven't skied the 4x4.)  The Dynastar "Legend" models are also very popular, with the narrower ones being more 50/50 and the wider ones being heavily off-piste biased.

The Head Monster skis (became the "Peak" series this year) are also well-regarded as all-around skis.  The 78mm version is probably the most balanced (and popular).

If you can swing two pairs, you might get more mileage out of something narrow(er) for day-to-day EC conditions, and something wider (like the Mantra mentioned above, or a Dynastar Legend Mythic, Head Monster/Peak 88, etc.) for when there's a big Eastern storm or for Western trips.  Or you could just rent/demo skis when you travel out West.
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Volkl Mantra for trips
AC50 might be more appropriate east coast
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I am looking for WC only.  I don't want to make decisions with the Sh1t coast in mind.
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Another great option would be the Dynastar Sultan 85.  Wood core ski w/vertical sidewall for great edge hold.  85 under foot for off trail skiing.  Great east & west ski.
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Sultan 85, Mythic Rider, some of the wider Nordica's.
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I'm a fan of Line so i would recommend the Prophet 90s or the Prophet 100s, or even the Chronics if you are into park and pipe as well as all mountain. However i would recommend you go with the 90 if you are doing most your skiing on the groomed runs, if you do more skiing off piste and in the pow then check out the 100. Both these skis will work great on the east coast as well as the west. Also as others mentioned the mantra is a great ski too...you really cant miss when buying a Volkl =) I own volkls and its probably my favorite brand. Anyway hope this helps and i hope you find what your looking for!

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There are some great suggestions already noted above and a few that are not so great. First thing is to look at what you were on. The original 4X4 was a soft-mid flex ski in the low 70 waist width. The second generation (4X4 powertrac) was high 70's and was stiffer. Either way, you can improve your performance in most of the conditions that you specify if you get the right thing.

Before moving on, it's important to note the order in which you specified your terrain goals. #1 (powder) #2 (bumps). Condition #1 suggests a ski on the wider side of the everyday range. Condition #2 does not suggest a particularly wide ski. Neither condition suggests a terribly stiff ski although your weight is a factor here.

So....what to do?

Some skis that I would not reccommend..............

Volkl Mantra: I've owned two of these and find them to be mediocre in powder and downright bad in bumps.

Contact 4X4: Great hard snow ski, notsomuch for soft or for bumps.

Prophet 90: Very nice light and nimble feeling ski but not enough ski for your size (although big brother P-100 might be great, it's just a little wide)


I'd suggest a mid width (mid-high 80's) ski in the medium flex range and a length of about 184-187. Skis that would fit that category would include the Dynastar Sultan 85, Blizzard Cronus, and Volkl Bridge. Of course there are many others and you could seach and ruminate forever, but those three would be a good fit.

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