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This is another ski industry myth (perpetuated by employees even!)  If someone asks why you can't extend the season, tell them it's because of the Forest Service special use permit.  If they don't buy that, tell them it's because of insurance.

The truth is, special use permits are (usually) trivial to extend and insurance policies are too.  What causes very real problems are many employees are already scheduled to leave, either because visas run out or they rushing off for their summer job they've had for 20 years as a rafting guide.  Also, it's VERY difficult to make money in May.  Getting the skier numbers to pencil is tough.  I don't think you could ever drive the destination numbers to really justify it because who wants to take a chance on airfare to ski Breckenridge in May?  Sure, there's a few resorts that stay open (and several other 'day' areas without a lodging component) and they can justify it because there's just exactly that size of a nationwide market. 

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snowbird which is mostly on public and not private land like most people think, the resort next door that shuts in mid april does so for insurance and not forest service regulations.

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There's an easy answer here.

Most people haven't skied since March or April... of course they'll be rushing to take what they can in Oct/Nov, even though the getting's are better in April.

It's the same reason I'm wearing shorts when its 14degC in April... and likely to have pants on when its 16 or 17degC in October.
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Let's see.  Weather forecast for Saturday/Sunday in Louisville:  Hi 39/34, sleet/rain.  Skiing?  Biking?  not so much.

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vinn which you speak of is very true as well. I am just saying a place like alta which could almost open though june with out much effort could keep enough lifties and patrol around to open the place.

The bird manages to.
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In colorado, A-Basin has started closing before Memorial Day.  Where they used to stay open as long as they had snow, no longer.  I attribute it to the lack of incremental revenue.  I suspect most of the traffic they get late season is season pass holders.  While I don't know the mechanism by which they divy up season pass revenues with Vail Resorts, I doubt there is much, if any, incremental revenue in  staying open.  Hence, they close before the snow is gone.

Too bad.

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Mike, A-Bay only closed early that one year because of extensive scheduled construction.  They routinely stay open until at least the end of the first week in June.  And last year several resorts extended their seasons when the snow turned out to be better than expected.
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I'm not aware of any resort that extended their season -- who did?

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Originally Posted by habacomike View Post

I'm not aware of any resort that extended their season -- who did?


It's infrequent, but it occasionally happens.  I think a few years ago Mammoth extended their already long season.  Last year or maybe the year before Silver Mountain opened on weekends late in the year.
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Season before last Highland's open the last two weekends in April and Ajax opened the weekend of 6/13 for the Food and Wine Festival. 

I love late season skiing, but I still really like the early season too.  I'm not talking WROD, but I would love to be at Baker or Whistler this weekend.   Unfortunately,  it's opening of deer season in Michigan this weekend and Jr will not be denied.
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Yea, now I remember that Highlands opened a couple of weekends last year as well.

I think my comment about incremental revenue, though, is still right.  Copper and Breck have had plenty of snow to stay open late the past few years, but I suspect the incremental revenue was not sufficient to cover the incremental cost.  So it's a business decision.

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