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Pacific Northwest Storm

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 I will be in Seattle this weekend thru monday.  Where will the best skiing close enough to drive from  SEATAC be found?  Mt Baker worth the drive? Whistler? Crystal?
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from Seatac, you are looking at the following (times include normal traffic/waits)

Crystal - 1hr45mins
Whistler - 5 hours
Baker - 3 hours

Friends are saying Crystal is really good, Whistler isn't open Sat.
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Whistler is indeed open Sat. Worth a 10 hour RT drive w/ a border crossing - or not - is another question...

I believe White Pass is opening as well.
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 Baker is entirely open with a 74" base.  Crystal isn't completely open, but I'm not sure how much of it is and how much is not.

Get your skiing in by Saturday because we are going to have a "consolidation event" (read rain) on Sunday and Monday before going back to snow on Tuesday.  You might beat the rain on the top 2000' feet of Whistler, or maybe not.  Friday and Saturday will be good everywhere.
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