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Waist-deep champagne at Sunshine's remembrance day opening(!)

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That was basically the story of this entire week.  7 consecutive days of 10+, and already 6 feet of snow, it was going to be one of the best opening days in a long time.  What we didn't know, was that all the runs were completely untouched since Sunday, even later for others.  Me and the old man were out of the house by 7am eager to get our first runs of the season, and were at the village shortly after the lifts were running at 9.  Unfortunately, we were not unique in the search for the season's first dumping, to put it simple it was a nuthouse to get on the lifts, and the fact only Standish and below was open (lookout should have been, given it was rolling in pow) didn't help.  Fortunately, there was enough to go around; we left at 2 and there were still a few untracked trails (I need to get in shape, wow).  Once you got past the crowd of snowboarders at the top of the lift, however, the runs were relatively open.

This was typical of all the runs, we did not expect this at all.  We ended up having to swap the rock skis out for the "fatties" after the first couple of runs (well at least i did).

Completely untouched, until we showed up.

And after we carved this other run a couple of times.

I got my chance to break in the Nordica Igniter, and nothing like a powder day to put it to the test.  For an all-mountain, it floated well in waist-deep, and was very responsive in all snow conditions at any speed.

Pop's camera phone simply doesn't do the snow justice, this was something special.  Lookout opens later this week, and Goat's Eye shortly after, this is going to be a great season.
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very nice and totally jelous sitting here in oz
wow just noticed that it has taken me 5 years to put up my first post!!!
hi all lol
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A great day once we got through the 10 km tailback that stretched out to the highway. It also looked like the hill was somewhat surprised at the turnout (they were scrambling to get the shuttles in operation after they started parking people on the access road). We'll see how it looks tomorrow and Friday. Lookout looked ready for action.
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 Holy Crap!  That is some nice stoke!
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Wow what a way to start the season! Tremendous, I hope it keeps snowing and snowing. Used to get up to Sunshine a couple of times a year with business trips to Alberta but no longer do. What I was always surprised about on the high speed lift  to the top (Goat's Eye?). It seemed right under the lift at the top it was pretty flat, but the speed you could pickup coming down the first section was something.

Anyway miss not going there anymore . Enjoy!
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Wow!  How freaking cool is that!  Nice work goatseyespaz...look at you logging a waist deep day before we're even in mid November!  Man...I am jealous.  I will do my running and hit the gym this week so that I'm ready.  Let it snow!
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