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 I'm 60, 6'5" tall and 205 lbs. Have been skiing (again) for the last two years. I skied for four or five years when I was young (no lessons), then just x-c skied for 30 plus years.

Two years ago, I bought used back country skis and started skiing at resorts and BC in the Cascades. At the end of that first year I bought Karhu BC 90's with Dynafit bindings, which I used last year BC skiing and lift accessed skiing at Skibowl and Timberline. Mostly I skied blues with some easier blacks.  I took a couple of lessons, which helped my awful technique.

I went to Alta and Powder Mt in Utah last winter for five days and had a blast. I could ski powder on top of groomed, but had trouble with the bottomless off piste stuff.

In March, I skied into yurts in Eagle Cap in eastern Oregon. I was without question the least competent skier in our group. I had trouble turning in the deep powder and was terrified by closely spaced trees.

This year I want to improve as a skier. I don't know how much of an upside I've got considering my age. My athleticism is derived entirely from my lungs, not my agility. But I bought alpine boots and am going to do what my local ski shop suggested: demo skis and buy at the end of the season when prices drop.

What are your suggestions for skis to try considering my size, age and where I ski ? I want to be able to ski "Cascade cement" and
real powder in Utah when I go back this February.