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boots to replace technica icon carbon foam

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What boot can i replace my technica foam boots with? I ski about 50 days ayear. I have extremelly flat pronated feet. I have narrow ankles and heels. Wide forefoot . low low volume instep. I like an upright stanced stiff boot. I weigh about 165 lbs 5ft6 tall.My last 3 pairs before this were foam boots. Have tryed twice to build new boots with no success have tryed intuitions, with no luck. I had boot soles canted and am still on my inside edges because of my pronation. I am in montana, not alot of choices or bootfitters. What would be a good shell to start with? and where could i get them foamed? Intuition does not seem to take up enough volume in my ankle,heel,instep.
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Interesting choice in a boot you made.  Of all available rec race boots I would say the Icon and now Race Pro series probably have the highest instep.   You could look at Head and you may also like the Krypton Pro with the stiff tongue.  As for foaming I can't help you there but you may want to consider a zipfit liner which you could fit at home yourself if the shells are good.

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can you head north and see Lou in calgary, or top shelf in fernie?


or some of the guys in Jackson?


if you like foam, no way you can do this yourself anyways, (so have to see a boot fitter) so see what they have to try you in.

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Thanks for the referral Mtn.  DWalden I reread your post and have some additional comments.  Why exactly do you need foam?  I don't make a connection between being pronated and being on inside edges and correcting it with a foam liner. 

First pronation alone doesn't mean you are on inside edges.  It is greatly affected by cuff alignment.  If you are on inside edges I don't see that a foam liner would have an affect on that.

Is it ipossible you don't need foam liners, but instead need an evaluation of alignment and stance?  50 days in a liner shouldn't be enough typically to call it quits anyway.

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Lvingou thanks for the help in picking shells. the technica carbon foam boots have around 250 to 300 days on them. I like foam for several reasons. It takes up volume in the shell,without adding a bunch of padding around the liner,remember i have extremely low arches,and small ankel and heal. It self cants a boot more than the cuff adjustments because it adds more foam to the outside of the leg than the inside. I have not been able to fit a boot that keeps my heel,ankle from moving around. Every shell i try on with a stock liner i am extremely inside edge high,even with cuffs adjusted all of the way. I also think it is hard for me to get away from the foam fit feel because i have used foam boots for 20 plus years now. Will the heads be agood starting point? Upright stance,low volume? and which model? And do you do after market foam liners in Calgary?
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Not too argue but taking up volume without adding padding is exactly what foam liners do.  The foam is the padding.  Without seeing your feet it is impossible for me to be certain how to help.  I don't see that foam has any self canting properties.  It simply fills in any and all spaces (hopefully) around your foot, but it doesn't move your foot to a new position.

Either way I can help you with boots but don't really do foaming.  If you must have foam I'd talk with Mtnlion in Banff or Topshelf in Fernie.

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Lou is right, a foam liner by itself is not the cure for all of your problems, but I assume you may know that already. But once you have had a foam liner correctly fitted, it is hard to go back to a stock liner.

I do a full evaluation and correct for pronation/supination issues, check cuff alignment, fore aft corrections etc  before foaming a pair of boots.  I look at the full picture as do all of the top boot fitters on this forum and never claim or assume that a foam boot/liner alone is the cure for feet/boot problems.  80-90% of the time I do shell and liner modifications before the foam injection process takes place and I aways use a custom footbed.  As you have experienced with your Tecnica foam boots, all of the Strolz customers that I have foamed over the years easily get over 200 + days a year on their Strolz ski boots.  And by the way, many of my customers are aggressive advanced level skiers that seek out challenging terrain and powder.

You might want to give me a call and we can talk over your situation.  I have foamed over 300 boots and do about 12-15 pair a year these days.  I have personally skied on foam boots since 1994.

Unfortunately for you my shop is in Oregon but there is a Strolz retailer in Colorado if a trip out to the Pacific Northwest is not in the cards.



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not me either.   banff is too cold, and I dont do enought to do them right all the time

see Donny in fernie.   he is great. (and close)
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