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What to expect ZipFits to feel like?

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Hi Guys, some of your experiance needed please

I wear a pair of Salomon Elipse 9's in 27.5 from 2005  (Green and black) and have done about 50 days in them. I have size 10.5 (US) feet. The boots have custom footbeds and standard liners and have been fantasticly comfortable (I dont need to release at all during day)

In bare feet inside them with no liners I have 1.5 cm space at the heel when foot forward, so classic comfort fit

However during the last 2 trips I have been aware that I was begining to get some movement in them. Not excessive and probably exagerated by the fact that my skiing has recently inproved a lot and my speed and cornering have increased a huge amount

So rather than buy new boots and go through the rigmarole of going smaller and punching etc and after hearing about zipfits and their advantages I splashed out on a set of 27.5 Classics

So tonight I heated the shells in the fan oven for 10 mins at 110-120C and microwaved the liners for 30 seconds as per the instructions  on zipfits web site. The Liners went into boots easily but doing them up was a big struggle. I have had to spin out the buckles to the max and get extra hands to help (I am in plastic bags, not socks, and have checked that the shell flaps are laying correctly

I have now been in boots for a hour

Well to say my heels are emtombed firmly is an understatement. With buckles on losest setting they are so firm my heels have gone numb and my inner ankle bones and the foot directly below them feel like they are rammed against the shell. It is definately not comfortable and I cant tolerate this for much longer

So what is your experiance, am I being a wuss and need to just live with it till it beds in, are the clasics just too thick? How long should the zips take to flow and mould?

Any suggestions on what to do next?



PS I've had to release the bukles to get circulation back!!
PPS Now had to get out of boots to stop pain on inner ankle area
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my initial thoughts would be that if you have the 15mm shell chack that you say and have had a good fit up until now then the classic is too thick, it is designed for oversized boots so putting it into a boot with a reasonable shell check is a struggle, the newer models grand prix and world cup are much better suited to boots of the correct size for the user, which model is down to the volume of the foot inside the boot shell...... it is easy to add material to the zip fit but a PITA to remove it, the cordura exterior panels on the classic also do not allow it to stretch out round the foot as effectively as the grand prix or W/C and as a result it takes a lot more volume out the shell

it is impossible to say for sure without seeing your feet and the boot, but having sold and used zip fit for the past 11 years my insticts would say you probably need the Grand Prix model

as for break in time, a few days of hard skiing should see it moulded fully but you shouldn't be having that much pressure on the foot unless there is additional padding around the foot

i also like to warm the liners on a heat stack rather then the microwave, the microwave heats only the OM fit compound but will not heat the external materials so the lienr can take longer to shape to the shell/foot...also when you are ina busy ski workshop metal filings can get picked up by a liner being put on the bench and well in a microwave.... the results csan be interesting to say the least!!

good luck
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Sounds like I need to come up and visit you guys and get it all done properly, Do you have any slots free next week?
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the very first official appointment we have is the 30th November as i have to be in Texas for 5 days from next wednesday...best thing is to give me a call tomorrow and we can look if there are any slots where we can squeeze you in...also need to check stock, i know i have W/C liners but not sure on G/P
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Thanks, will call tomorrow. May be time to think about new boots and get them fitted and aligned properly
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