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your first epicski post

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This is my 2000th post here on Epic.  I think I have an internet addiction, but at least it's concentrated on skiing and not less healthy topics.  Anyway...can you remember your first post?  Believe mine was this one from 2003, I had lurked a while before that:  http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/6065/collective-term-for-skiers-and-snowboarders
It was a question about a collective term for skiers and snowboarders, I think the answer I've chosen to use is snowriders.
One thing about the internet, it almost never forgets.

Oops, maybe this off-topic should be moved to house of humor or supporter lounge, sorry about that.
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After 2000 posts, you still can't put it in the right place.

You have nothing to worry about concerning the addition.  Trekchick should be along any minute to make you feel better.
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