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Watea 84 or 94 for CO "everyday" ski

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I'm 5'8", 165 lbs, Level 8/9 skier. I mostly ski Beaver Creek, Vail, Breck, and Winter Park.

Last year was my first winter out in Denver, so I just bought a pair of used K2 Apache Outlaws (88 mm underfoot) off of Craigslist. I'm looking for something a little more lively/less heavy and I think the Watea should be a nice change.

The only thing that I'm not sure is if I should go with the Watea 84 or 94. I am limited (by work) to the amount of days that I can get a year, so I pretty much go up to the mountains on the weekend and usually for one full week during the winter. In other words, I usually only ski powder if a decent storm happens to come around when I have already made plans to go skiing for the day. I spend a lot of time in the bumps and trees working on my skiing ability (not sure if the 94 might be too wide for this), but if I do happen to get a powder day I'd usually go to Vail and ski the back bowls.

I was looking at getting either ski in the mid-170cm length. I think they come in 176/178 depending on the width but don't remember off of the top of my head.

Any suggestions/input would be greatly appreciated as I am looking to buy in the next few days.
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 Never skied the Fischer Watea line, but am eyeing the 101 for an AT set-up.

That said, I ski Colo fairly regularly and my everyday ski is a 93/99mm waisted one (Lib Tech NAS Freeride with "Magnetraction"). 

If you already have an 88mm ski, then why would you want to get an 84mm ski?

I'd go with the 94.

And forget what you've been led to believe...94mm is not that wide. Quite a number of folks ski 94-105mm as their everyday planks and do fine on them.

Also, if you're 5'8" and REALLY a Level 8/9, then you'll want to go longer on those 94mm joints. The 176/178 should be perfect.

Best advice, though, is to demo them. I honestly think you'll find 94mm to be a decent waist size and nowhere near was wide as you think they are.
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I ski the Watea 101s as my alpine powder ski, and the Watea 94s as my do everything tele ski.

dave80jc:  I agree with dookey that the 94 is not too wide for an everyday ski, but I would suggest not mounting them flat.  They carve very well on hard snow, but I would suggest using a system binding to give your boot some riser off the ski, which will make them much easier to get on edge.

dookey:  The 101 is a sweet ski, but maybe a bit on the heavy side if you plan on doing a lot of climbing.  If you don't mind the weight, another ski in that category is the K2 Antipiste.  It is about the same size as the Watea, but has a slight tip rocker, which helps for breaking trail in deep snow, and skiing in funky conditions.  I believe that last year's Antipiste is acutally the same ski as the new Koombback.
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If you already have a pair of 88mm skis...
Go for the 94mm Watea's...
They handle groomed runs much better than you think...
They will make everything fun...they are light and playfull without giving up performance...
Going with the 84mm Watea would be a replacement ski not a compliment ski to what you already have...although once you ski on the Watea 94, you might not ski the outlaw again...
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I agree with dookey, go with the 94 because you already have an 88 and a 94 isn't that wide. I live (and ski) in Idaho and have the Volkl Bridge, which is a 92mm (or 93, I forget) waisted ski, and I wish it was a wider.
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I chose the Watea 84 176cm for my new every day ski. I have lived in and skied the CO front range for over 20 years. Typically I ski Mary Jane, A-Basin, Loveland, and Copper. I also own a pair of Icelantic Nomads in a 181 (111mm under foot) for powder days in trees and bumps. I used to have the Dynastar 8000 172cm and 8800 178cm skis as my every day and powder skis. They were both good in bumps and trees. If you are happy with the K2s you might want to keep them for packed snow days and consider something like the Nomads, Watea 101, or other 100mm+ skis for powder days as a second ski. If you didn't like the K2s in bumps or groomers on non-powder days you may want to consider the Watea 84s or something else in the 80mm to 85mm range. Personally I don't like the wider skis on non-powder days, especially in bumps. I am 5'11" 165lbs and ski 50+ days. Since you are not trying specifically to hit powder days, statistically you will mostly be skiing packed snow so you might bias your decision toward a narrower ski. You should demo (Loveland demo is on the 21th) to see if you would like a wider ski as a packed snow ski if you are considering going that route.
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The Watea 94 is an outstanding western everyday ski. It has a bit of a soft snow bias but for Colorado, that's what you want. If you get a 94, you won't want to ski the Outlaws much..............just sayin'

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I own both 176cm Watea 84s and 186cm Watea 94s. I am about 5'11" and 155-160 #. Level 9. As much powder as Colorado gets, it's not that frequently encountered by the weekend warrior.
I have found my Watea 84s to be very versatile in a very wide variety of conditions; hard snow to 12-18" of Pow. They are very fun to ski.
My Watea 94s are also versatile but as mentioned earlier are alright on the groomers but the width is more beneficial for deeper snow. I do find that I appreciate the 94s most for me in 12+ inches of pow or crud but they do have to be skied aggressively; they like straight(the 186cm is long for my weight.)
If I were to chose, given your circumstance,  I would chose the 176 cm 84s, primarily because I feel that, as good as the wider skis now perform, the narrower ski will provide better performance for your situation and conditions.
Keep your Outlaws for the few deep(!!) days you encounter. I have several friends,much taller/heavier than you or I, skiing Outlaws for their full time board but they are heavy/slow compared to the Watea 84.
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