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Newsletter 11/17/09

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Newsletter copy for 11/17/09

A Trip Report Worth Waiting For!

FlyingYeti recently asked for advice as he plans a one-year ski trip to depart in late 2010, that can start anywhere in the world. "This would be a non-stop powder chasing year of skiing. Although on a budget I would hope to get in at a minimum 200 days of skiing around the globe." Prickly suggests he skip the obvious destinations and instead go to places like the Caucusus, the Hindu Kush, and Lappland or "you could do a one-year tour ONLY skiing with people you hook up with on Epic." Aleph Null suggests that he plan to take in some of the great skiing events, such as the the Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuhel, the Olympics in Whistler, and the EpicSki Gathering in Utah. However, the Yeti is not planning on embarking on his trip until late 2010, figuring that the planning will take as long as the execution, so the Olympics are out. He estimates the total cost for this trip to be around $80,000. He's looking for sponsors. (Anyone, anyone?)

Masquerading as Skiers

Spookfish, a high school teacher, would like to take the senior class skiing and thought it would be fun to have them dress up in costumes. He's mostly concerned about safety, "The only thing that worries me is someone losing visibility because they wore a mask or something." While JayPowHound's advice was specifically geared to the over-21 crowd (that is, those skiing inebriated in costume), it also works for any age or state of mind: "Make sure all your accessories are attached well!  You don't want pieces flying off your costume the first time you pick up some speed! Think wind resistance! Large things sticking off of you at odd angles will create drag. The bigger they are and the faster you are skiing, the more you will feel it. Consider whether you want to use poles or not!  If your costume somehow involves your hands you may not be able to carry one or both of your poles.  Are you cool with that? Be funny, be original, and most of all Be Recognizable!  There's nothing worse than spending all day trying to explain what you're supposed to be!" 

Trendy in the Liftline vs. Rippin' on the Hill?

Am I a Retro Grouch? asks iriponsnow in his lament about the new skis he saw out on Killington's opening day: "I'm beginning to think you should get a PSIA examiner w/ your new gear, cause the skis aren't helping anyone ski better." Mudfoot blames the ski marketing departments for doing too good a job: "Same old story, you still cannot buy a turn, but that doesn't mean they aren't being heavily marketed." Dookey67 confessed, "I'd say that buying into the whole fat ski phenom sort of hurt my skiing...I hadn't bothered to re-bone up on my skills, so here I was on longer, fatter skis and kind of flailing around. It wasn't until some of my more technically proficient buddies (instructors, former racers) took me under their wings and re-taught me how to carve and work on my angulation, that my skiing began to improve. In hindsight, I feel that when I jumped back into the sport hardcore that I should have started with a shorter, turnier ski to refresh my skills before moving into longer and fatter skis." MastersRacer suggested we heed the bumper sticker, "Love thy Gaper."

Tahoe for Christmas

What suggestions do locals have for a midwestern family, where mom is an intermediate, planning a trip to Tahoe for Christmas, asks berbes. "You realize that you are going skiing the busiest week of the year.  Expect crowds crowds crowds.  Especially at the "name" resorts," advises Walt, a Michigander who's obviously been there and done that. Krazymad agrres with Walt that Northstar is the best bet for Chrismas week, "The whole resort is geared towards beginners and intermediates, lots of grooming, high speed lifts, gentle slopes, and families." 

EpicSki Academy Coming Soon to Stowe USA

Become the skier you always dreamed of becoming at EpicSki Academy, Stowe, Vermont, December 11-13, 2009. Your best ski season ever awaits with the help of our outstanding line-up of world-class coaches led by our own Bob Barnes and PSIA National Team member Robin Barnes (no relation), assisted by our amazingly uplifting group of students. The two-day camp includes lift tickets both days, video movement analysis, indoor presentation, a group dinner, and a terrific deal on lodging at the Trapp Family Lodge that incudes a skier's hearty breakfast each day. There's no better value in ski instruction today!


Late-breaking News

ESA has added another stop to the Tour December 5-6, 2009, at Arapahoe Basin. Weems Westfeldt, Bob Barnes, SKI Magazine's Top 100 instructor Annie Black, and our own redneck philosopher Squatty Schuler are lined up to guide you to the best skiing of your life. 



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Welcome to our new Insiders

We're happy to announce three new Industry Insiders on EpicSki:
  • SummitCove manages nearly 200 properties at Keystone Resort.  They're offering a pre-holiday discount to EpicSki members - 25% off of any 2 night stay at Keystone Vacation Condos from now 'til December 15th!
  • Section8Ski's Section 8 Snowsport Institute is Vancouver Island's ski & snowboard training company offering complete ski & snowboard instructor certification courses.
  • Alpine Smart Rent offers season-long leases on NEW 2010 skis & snowboard equipment for a fraction of the price of buying them at the store. You can ride brand new equipment for one month or the season and ship it back to them when you’re done.

Look for our Insiders posting throughout the forums, and stay tuned for special offers and discounts throughout the 2009-2010 season!

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