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allround ski boot?

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I am looking into buying new boots. I have small feet, size 23,5, I want my boots to be direct.
A few weeks ago I tried on the Salomon Instinct CS, they fitted really well and an they ski awesome. They are very direct and I felt what I was doing.
We were just on the prepared piste and not in the backcountry. So I know they are good on the prepared slopes, but I also have a large interest in powder skiing. 
The boots have a flex index of 90, what flex index is good for powder skiing or shouldn´t I relate it to the flex? 


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Please read the bootfitting WIKI.
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Maybe I´m overlooking it but can´t find any information about the flex (maybe handy to put in the Terms&Glossery as well), and certainly not the flex relating to prepared/ not prepared snow.
I´m actually not sure anymore what the flex exactly means, how can a freeride boot as well as a high performance boot have flex 90?

I don´t want my boot (although great on prepared snow) to be too stiff to go backcountry...

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Flex is relative to the skiers weight and skill level---I weigh 175 am 5'--11" tall 65yrs old and ski a 130 Doberman  in all conditions ---deep powder included (not bragging here) plus as a boot sole gets shorter (23.5) it looses lever arm over the cuff and can be flexed easier.  You should be fine.
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Ok thanks!


Additional info:

Me: 1.70 meters, 61 kg, 25 yr, woman, level advanced.
Ski: elan race SL, 1.55 meters / rossignol scratch BC, 1.60 meters.


Got 2 pairs of ski´s but not planning on getting 2 pairs of boots as well!! 

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