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1st ski in the 2-ski quiver advice

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So,  I finally decided to make a 2-ski quiver highly optimized for big and deep mountains.
The second ski from this quiver is already bought - the 192 DPS Lotus 138 for the deep days and occasional slackcountry.

Now it's time to decide on the 1st ski. This one should be higly optimized for mixed bag conditions and should excel in the following: carving groomer GS-style (25-28 turn radius), crud busting, heavily tracked out stuff/semi-hardpack ripping (a typical thing you find a week or two after the last big dump).

Any ideas are welcome.
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Legend Pro
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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

Legend Pro

That and the Blizzard Argos are about the beginning and the end of the short list.

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LP and Argos are definitely good choices.

If you like the feel of a wider ski, I'd throw the 190 Moment Ruby into the mix.  The dimensions are almost exactly the same as the LP, just 12mm wider all around.  Probably a little softer than the LP, not sure about the Argos.  Amazing torsional rigidity; absolutely rails on firmer stuff.  I tested them on a spring day in Tahoe, and they destroyed everything in their way.
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I found the Blizzard Argos to be a very worthy replacement for my trusty Explosives.  The Argos freakin' rules.
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 1. AK King Salmon or AK No Ka Oi

2. Bro Model from PM Gear...this totally fits your bill. 99mm waist and the radius is in the upper 20s/lower 30s. I ride with a lot of folks who use this as their everyday workhorse (actually surprised that The Dad didn't mention it...)
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Thank you all guys!
I'd like to ask you yet another closely related question. I have heard two different opinions about the 138:

1) It is good only for 12''+ days
2) It works well on any day with new snow, i.e. 4''+

Thus my decision may be highly dependent on which opinion is closer to the truth. Please, share your thoughts. 
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I didn't mention it because in 188 -- which is what I figure someone who'd ski a 192 Lotus 138 would want -- it's a 40m ski, outside the stated range.  Otherwise, it'd be a good choice.  The 195 SuperBro could work, but of course, that's the King Salmon with a cooler topsheet.
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Can't speak on the 138, but I ski Spatulas, the grandaddy of reverse camber skis. They are also good in corn, slush, and day/2-day/3-day leftover pow. From what i have heard, the DPs handle better on firmer snow than the Spats, so they should be good in ankle deep leftovers no problem. A good person to ask about DPs is Marshalolson over on TGR...he skis 'em, used to rep for 'em, and should be able to answer all your questions.
Also Tyrone Shoelaces here on Epic used to ski some DPs, so you could hit him up, as well.
The thing I've found about RC skis is that they are ultimately a lot more versatile than you would think. It's just a matter of figuring them out (took me 3 seasons to really dial in the Spats and now I can ski them half-assed well on soft groomers and slush as well as their intended fresh powder).
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Thanks a lot! In this case I'll go with the skinnier stuff, most probably Argos or LP's.

Cant wait till I get to rip some first turns of the season! 
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