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Large men's boot size

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My 14 year old son wears a 17 shoe and the mondo measurement of his feet put him at 33 cm (no socks- exactly toe to heel) I have searched for size 17 and 18 boots with no luck.  I found one company that wanted $1000 for custom boots.  I can't afford that!  Any suggestions?  He loves to ski and it is sad that his feet are keeping him from doing what he loves. Thank you for your help.

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Salomon has a model called the Mission RS12 that goes to 33.5. This is a higher end (but rather roomy) recreational boot. It runs ~~$499 if you can find one.

Rental boots come in large sizes too but normally that's not a great solution as they are cheaply made and relatively fitless.

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 Tecnica has 33's as well, I have a few pair. Might not be the right boot volume wise, but at that size your choices are super limited anyways.
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salomon performa,   size 33 or 34?    new, $400 CND.

see you have SOME options
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