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ski tuners in vail

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Hey guys, I'll be going to Vail for a week in december.  Can anyone recommend some tuning shops that know what they're doing and charge a decent price? 
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Unfortunately, nothing in Vail during season is cheap.

But for a good tune try Mill Creek sports or Vista Bahn ski rentals. The guys at both places know what they are doing.
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Thanks for the reply.  I'm beginning to think that with two skis, I should just invest in some tools and learn to tune myself.
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I'm feeling Muaddib here, does anyone know of any Ski tuning and maintenance  courses in the Denver area? I used to tune my skis in highschool when pops had all the tools but now that I'm in Denver and a few years later i've forgotten the art and what I need. I would really like to get back into it. Any ideas?
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SkiCollie!: Try www.swixschool.com for an on-line tuning course. That, with the Swix Alpine manual, the catalog from www.tognar.com and a few hundred dollars of tuning equipment and you will be in business. Click on the little British flag (Union Jack) for the English version of swixschool.
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