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Wedge Turns as per PSIA

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Is a wedge turn primarily a rotary or turning movement or does it involve extension to flatten the ski and lateral movement to tip,pressure the edge of the uphill/eventual downhill ski. I think there is confusion among PSIA members.

I guess I would contend it is all three movement pools:Flexion/extension,tipping, turning.
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Rusty guy- You got it! You have to flaten the old turning ski if you want to turn it and go the other way. Bob's comments are great and that is a thread worth reading. Remember wedge, wedge christy, open parrel are reference points we all pass through not something we teach! Get on some steep crud snow in a white out and I bet we all drop down the centerline a notch or two! Teach the skills(balance,rotary,edge,pressure mangement) and the result will depend on the snow, speed, confidence, equipment, slope etc...
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Thank you both. I spent the other day skiing with an examiner trying to perfect my wedge and wedge christie. Later in the day my free skiing and bump skiing improved based upon my review of "the basics".
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I just read the earlier thread that B.B. wrote concerning "the wedge". I don't need to compliment you,however, you write well and clearly. Thank you Bob for your time and effort here. Are you doing any PSIA work this spring? I would like to meet you and participate.
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Bob, Thanks- You're very kind to make the offer. I work five or six days a week at Eldora under the tutelage of Chris Easton and am having a ball. I would teach skiing for free. I enjoy seeing "the light" click on in the eyes of kids, adults, and seniors. I need not tell you how rewarding it is. I know we all appreciate the time you spend on this site. It is a big help to all the teachers who spend time here each evening. I'm drying my boots and soaking my feet as I type.
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I grew up skiing in western Pennsylvania and New York so a bad day at Eldora is better than the best day in the east. As Chris has said to me ad infinitum, he has never been rained on at Eldora. The snowpack is below last year and some of the steeper terrain (Westridge and Saltos Glades) are a touch thin. I really love the place. I have yet to see a lift line. I love Summit County and don't mind the drive in the morning,however, the return trip can be fairly bad. Chris was in Durango for PSIA stuff,however, we plan to ski tomorrow and I'll say hello.
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