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Help with Instructor in Seattle area?

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Hi everybody,
I'm 44 year old man that just discovered for myself alpine skiing this season - and along with it this wonderful forum...
You guys are so great, that I've decided to try ask for help...
After 8 days on the mountain (Summit Central), reading some books, practicing on my own I got somewhere to 5/6 level and decided to take a 1hr private lesson to check how far off base my habits are forming... - and didn't learn anything other than polite "you're doing fine..." I was so proud of myself that I think I forgot about tip...
I would like to form a stable coach/student relationship with a knowledgeable instructor who could track my personal progress and technique through a series of occasional private lessons (with "homework" in-between . I do not see any of the extreme stuff in my future , but I'm kind of perfectionist and would like to see my skills steadily improving as long as my ability would allow that...
Am I looking for a wrong or non-existant thing? I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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do you have a preferance on which mtn's to ski at? i know of a few great instructors at Stevens, but i am not shure if it will lead on into what you are speaking of. Make friends with an instructor and you can probbably end up with what you are looking for. Another good idea is to enroll into a multi week ski school, there are many in the area, ESS, Clancys, Christian, Lyons, SnoCap, Mohan...etc they have already gone through most of the season already tho.
Or when you go for private lessons ask for the same instructor each time, tho this wil get expensive.

sorry about the randomness of this post, just throwing out a few ideas.
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Oh Bob, How do I go about ordering the Ski Teachers Pocket Guide directly from you?
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Thanks for the input, guys!

Spyder - Thanks for a good set of suggestions I will certainly consider a multiweek ski program next season. For a quality instruction I wouldn't mind a longer drive (Summit is closest with just 40 min.)...

So I'd be glad if you could send me (private e-mail - do you see it in my profile? - or this forum) a contact information for experienced instructors in the area that you think would be able and interested to provide a quality guidance to a higher level recreational skiing. This would be a good way to introduce ourselves this season on a private lesson so I'd know whom to ask regarding group (and private) lessons next season.

I understand that a long-term coaching relationship through private lessons is also a matter of matching personalities, etc. - but I also thought that some instructors would be more inclined to see their efforts through than others - the kind that would even scrawl the notes in the notebook to remember what we were working on next time we met - not unlike dentist I also understand that there would be more interest to see teaching efforts through if I'd be a young aggressive racer with a potential to win World Cup and not yet another Volant lover... I think that's where my request for a recommendation becomes very specific - if you think you know the type I'm talking about - please, let me know!

I think there are many excellent skiers and they may choose to become instructors to help support their passion to this wonderful and exciting sport - and they may pass all sorts of exams and cerifications to show that they are excellent skiers indeed... But this alone IMHO doesn't make them a teaching proffesional... Passion for teaching/sharing is one other key ingredient that I'm looking for - I believe this passion can make such instructor to pull out a notebook to scrawl a note into student's profile, develop a plan for a student, or - helping skiers all over the world by freely dispersing words of skiing wisdom on Barking Bear Forum

That's why I thought this may be a good place to ask for help in finding a real pro instructor in my area much faster than I can do it by blind luck...

Bob - Thanks for a words of welcome! I've enjoyed your Bear posts very much! Hope to get your book too... Too bad Barnes&Noble do not stock it, tho...

So anybody who has a great intermediate learning experience in the area - I'm looking forward to your recommendations!

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i did not see it in your profile it shows up as not avaliable.
you can reach me at db400@hotmail.com
I will not be able to respond until next week tho, off to Big White to play this weekend.
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Spyder - despite setting my e-mail address in a profile as "viewable" for some reason it shows as "unavailable" -sorry about that.

If anybody would like to send a recommendation off the forum please send it to alexsav@hotmail.com

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Hello! I'll just add my 2cents here - it should be most instructor's joy to find someone like you to teach; "racers" are few and far between, and are mostly coached by race coaches. Don't forget that you'll be a valuable client to whatever instructor you decide on, so you should be able to find an instructor that suits you to do what you want! Don't be shy - and good luck finding that instructor.
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Alex S, I would recommend that you talk to a pro at Crystal by the name of Nelson Wingard. He is younger, (20's) but I think he is very good. He does a lot of training for the instructors at Crystal.
I will find out how you can contact him.
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AlexS, I too would like to welcome you. I am also a "developing skier" who didn't start until her 40s. My qualifications for what makes a good instructor are quite similar to yours!
As Bob Barnes mentioned, this is THE place to reality check the qualities that make someone an excellent teacher. The great side benefit, is that you can get "off snow" learning experiences just by reading the posts. Some of these guys are so exquisite in their descriptions, that you can feel yourself skiing while you read. Not to mention the fact that through their posts you can tell that they are some of the finest human beings on the planet, sharing their knowledge so selflessly.
An idea for AC: Would it be possible to have a section of the forum that would have the names of specfic instructors reccomended for different resorts? For legal reasons, it would probably have to be only positive stuff. But then again I only mention names when there's something good to say!
Good Luck Alex!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Lucky - thanks for a recommendation! I'll be looking forward for a contact info!

Lisamarie - I appreciate your words of welcome and encouragement! I also appreciate this forum and a wonderful drive of people here to share their knowledge and experiences... I've enjoyed your recent report on Bormio, too. Outdated techniques aside - Being originally from Europe I can attest to a cultural differences in approach to educational processes Although I, personally, miss the intense european focus on finding, pointing out and remedy shortcomings without wasting time on feel-good "warm fuzzies" so typical for US. Maybe this type of schooling makes for less brittle and more self-motivated egos in the end It just feels more efficient to me - especially if one pays by hour I'd prefer to feel rather than hear that I'm doing fine at the end of the lesson... But this maybe just brainwashed me... Sorry, - just couldn't help but reminiscent...

Thanks for the help, everybody - and keep these recommendations coming! If there would be enough recommendations I could post a summary for the area, if it's ok with you guys...
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Alex: just to qualify; I am NOT looking for a ski instructor who is warm and fuzzy. I have my greyhound & 2 cats for that purpose. In fact, a favorite instructor of mine, who occaisionally posts on this board, would wretch if he heard himself described in such a way, as would anyone who would read such a description of him.
In my own work. I have tried hard to dispel the image of the "aerobic bimbo". My compliments don't come cheaply.
But there is a big difference between offering constructive criticism and remedies, and being arrogant , abusive, and self absorbed.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Lisamarie - I'm sure you did not need to qualify.

I didn't imply in any way that it was you who were looking for warm fuzzies - I was just saying that in my experience by comparison the fuzzies rather often are offered instead of serious instruction... I'm sure that serious instruction can be found - and I'm sure all enthusiastic people on this forum belong to this category. After all, as you pointed out, our qualifications for a good instructing are close...

Also in no way did I suggest that a student has to put up with arrogant, abusive, etc. behavior - if one feels that way - although these subjective ethical concepts are not cultural invariants in my observation either...

My comments on cultural differences in schooling were not meant as a personal remark or a judgement on your personal experiences - sorry if it came across this way to you...
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Alex, I talked to Nelson last weekend and he's not doing privates at this time. He spends most of his time coaching clinics. I will check around for someone else.
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