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Happy Birthday, USMC!!!

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 Semper Fidelis Leathernecks!
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Good Devil Dogs.  Semper Fi poeple.
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class of 69-71

Remember our Vets tomorrow.
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BTW, cuddos to Epic for remembering. It's an honor
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We owe our freedom and lives to those Marines.
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Yep.  Dad's buried in Arlington.  I'll shoot some fireworks in honor of all Vets tomorrow night.  Thank you all!
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This is my brother doing winter warfare training in the USMC, ~1983 Norway:

His skiing background came in handy for that exercise, but his true love is surfing, which he still does much of the year in So Cal at age 64.  He also makes and paints custom boards.

Tomorrow I hope to visit the USNA in Annapolis on Veterans Day with my dad, class of '43 and a D-Day survivor among his other exploits.  Bonus, here's a shot of him and my mom around 1976 on Killington Peak:
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Happy Veterans Day all and best wishes to all our guys and gals serving overseas.
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Happy Birthday Marines!  234 and going strong. 

Went to a local gathering tonight of former and retirees; 1st SOFB - (Semi Old Farts Battalion).  My daughter was the youngest (24) Marine present and fortunately the oldest Marine (68), finally showed up.  I was next in line


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Thanks to all who serve.
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 Happy Birthday USMC and, don't forget our veterans today and always.
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 So, is the USMC birthday on November 10 ?  Great, I really must tell my cousin, who was born the same day!!!
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Yes.  November 10, 1775.
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"...Only two kinds of people understand Marines...The Marines...and the enemy."

Happy Birthday, USMC.

And Happy Birthday, cousin (even if he's not 235; he's old, but not that old!!!)

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Nov 12, 2010


Semper Fi to All Marines, Active, Retired and those Still On Patrol


Let us take a brief time to give thanks to all the brave men and women who gave us our freedom with their lives, blood. sweat and tears.  I am pasting the following link to the story of Cpl Todd Nicely, USMC quadruple amputee. One of the three quadruple amputee who are alive.  Two Marines and an Army Soldier. These brave men are but a few of the many shinning examples of Americans who help to keep us free.  Be Well.


Think snow,




PS: Hi LAC, isn't there a special formality/ceremony/tradiiion involving the youngest Marine and senior Marine present during a Corps Birthday?  Clarification(s)?

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If I was on the east coast today I'd be at Tun Tavern hoisting a few in their honor.


Myself I don't forget what they give and what they gave so I could live life the way I choose fit.


There are only a few days that I take off work that most others don't understand, this is one of them.

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At work we have the "Warrior Integration Program".  Injured Soldiers and Marines are brought in for a couple of years, do a rotational program to learn different areas of the company and possible fits for them.  Also worked with attend college.  We are pushing 20 so far; all injured in Iraq of Afganastan.  I'm one of the mentors for them.  Working with these fine young men is the most rewarding thing I've done since retiring from the Marines.  I just love how they do so much for themselves and each other.  The kid I'm mentoring is missing a leg, severla fingers and other wounds.  Never complains about anything.  Just keeps going.



The Cake Cutting Ceremony has the oldest and youngest Marines in a unit get the first piece of cake symbolizing the passing of the torch of experience.  The cake of course is cut with an sword.  My daughter had the honor of doing that when she was in (that's what you get for graduating HS at 17 and not going to college like your fathers tells you to).  In fact I think she had to do it twice.




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