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Boot Flex for Intermediate-level Woman

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My fiancee is getting her own ski boots for the first time having skied on borrowed or rental boots previously. We've tried on boots in some shops and she has determined that the Nordica Hot Rod boots fit her feet the best. She has tried on the 90s and the 80s so far; we haven't located a 70. We're set on getting one of these three, but we're not sure what level of flex to go with. She's 5'5" and around 115 lbs. Skis blue groomers mostly and easily right now (has ventured into some blacks, but I tend to get in trouble when I take her those places - I think it's more of a fear thing at this point than ability, however) and will be on K2 One Luvs.

The boot person at the shop was recommending softer, softer, softer (even saying going stiffer will make it like you haven't skied in two years). I've been raised in a stiffer is better family, but know that might not be the best idea for her since I don't want comfort to make her want to go home at 10am.

What flex should we choose?

Oh yeah, I'm told the 90s are the cutest and match best. I, of course, explained that real skiers don't match, and she seems to be accepting that truism.

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Flex is not a more is better or less better kind of thing. Like all things boot related it depends on the INDIVIDUAL skier. I cannot stress that enough. It sounds to me like the person was working with her is a boot seller, not a boot fitter. Where are you from? We can probably send to a good boot guy that will not just "sell" you a boot.
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We're in the SF Bay Area, Menlo Park to be exact. We usually ski at Heavenly on the South Shore. There's no doubt the person working with us was more seller than fitter - he didn't do a shell test, even (which I think is still pretty standard).

As to the flex comment - the general problem is that, obviously, it is a personal thing. My fiancee, however, has not developed a personal preference as to what level of flex she desires as she has never had access to proper boots. Thus, the more general weight and skill based question.
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 A boot fitter will do some measurements that will help determine if a softer or stiffer boot is needed. I am sure someone here can point you towards a good person near where you ski.
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Welcome to Epicski!  If you can get to the Reno area I would be happy to work with your wife!  I have been fitting boots for many years and will take the time to do a thorough assessment of your wife's feet and lower legs and match her to an appropriate boot for her morphology, skill, and skiing goals.  I also take the time to assess alignment needs and make the necessary modifications to help you reach your skiing potential!  (775) 323-9463 or check out www.snowind.com for more info on our services.

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These guys are right and unusually shy about sticking their necks out.  Flex depends on many things as JDoyal said and personal preference is a part.  However a 70 flex?  10 year old kids wear 70s.  Go see Bud then head up to Tahoe to try eveyrthing out.

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Thanks everyone for the help!
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