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Ski for a lightweight!

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Can you advise please? My son aged 18 and 6' weighing some 135pounds (we do feed him, but .....) is spending 3 months in Banff to do his CSIA 1 and 2 exams. He is a pretty nimble skier, agile etc etc. He can get down most things with some style, and has done a weeks' off-piste course also.  I'm trying to put a shortlist of suitable skis together. He will probably demo some but of course it's just impossible to try all brands, models and lengths so it would be helpful if you could help me narrow it down a bit. The firm advice seems to be to go for a 78mm +/- . Models I have looked at include the Nordica Nitrous, Apache Recon, Head 78, Salomon XW Tornado. I like the look of the Scott Neo but at 82mm it may be too wide. Any thoughts on which might be the best bet - especially length, given his weight? Thanks all.
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Hi, what is he skiing on now? 
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Hi - he doesn't own skis currently. We're based in the UK so he gets to ski twice a year, and given his age it's been better to rent.
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Where do you ski?
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Take a look at the Harte Pulse and Harte Attack.  Harte makes a nimble, quick ski that really performs.  At his weight skiing in East Coast and places out West where the snow is dense, this could be an awesome ski.

These are skis that would reward good technique.

If he's going to be in a lot of softer snow I'd suggest you look at Volkl Bridge, go short - less than 170 unless he is an exceptional skier.  It's a dynamic twin tip and it's potentially a lot of ski.

Where does he spend most of his time and how well does he ski.  I am getting the impression that he is a strong skier.
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Hi. He is pretty good, although because he's so much better than me, I hardly ever see him, apart from bombing back down the stadium pistes!). Perhaps a 7(?) - but he learns quickly and after 3 months of solid skiing at Banff (Norquay, Lake Louise and Sunshine) he should be a lot better even. He needs a ski he can teach on, (i.e. on piste) but obviously there will a be a strong off piste element too, so he needs an all mountain ski that functions very well on piste. The Harte skis look interesting, but I suspect we couldn't source in the UK or Alberta.
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We have skiied in Europe to date. So he's 'done' Norway (Geilo), Switzerland (Arosa), France (Meribel, Courchevel, Les Deux Alpes, Tignes, Val d'Isere, Alpe d'Huez), Italy (Sella Ronda), and Austria (St Anton, Obergurgl). Thanks all.
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