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When to buy?

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For either used or new (either this year or older models,) about when is the sale window? I missed the end-of-season window in the winter, and I really need to catch things when they're cheap. My funds are limited (possibly $250), and I need a pair of boots for the coming season, if I can manage it. Thoughts?

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Right now is a great time if you can find what you are looking for. Just about any time out of the main season is a great time to buy gear for cheap but if you wait untile the next season even the used gear will go up in price.
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If you know what you want, I would try e-bay. I know a lot of people don't think much about buying boots via mail/internet. However, if you have tried on boots and know your desired model and approprate size, I say go for it.
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If you are serious about skiing and think that you will continue to ski in the future, I would but almost every penny I could into buying a good pair of boots and footbeds. Boots are the most important part of skiing. Boots can make or brake skiing for you. The right boots can make you a better skier a lot faster.

You can find some great used skis at ski swaps, or on ebay to get by for the time being.

Think boots first.

Jim from Idaho
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right now is a great time to buy last years gear. you can get a great price because a lot of the 2003 gear is in or will be in soon. dont wait to long if you're going to do this though...shops have a limited supply of last seasons gear, and a lot of the good stuff will sell out quick.

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The Wife and I went on a little trip to Gunnison and Crested Butte this weekend. Her gear is 20 years old (moved to CO from MN last year) and just got back into skiing last year. At Christy's in Crested Butte we got the following: Lange X Zero 7 women's boots, used 3 times and returned - $75; Volant 155 Demos with bindngs - $69; Volant 178 with bindings - $49 (my rock/mogul skis). Both Christy's and the place next door had rental skis going cheap. The 178's I bought need a little Ptex work and a hot wax and their ready to go.

We did not go thinking of buying ski gear, but it was just too good to pass up.
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