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Narrow womens feet

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Help me find boot for womens feet: 85 mm/ 24.0 mondo or what to do with such case if adeqate shell does not exist. Pullover from Zip Fit, custom foam liner ?
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First question out of the blocks---have you shell sized the person? plus, boots are width sized on a 26 mondo shell and vary somewhat up and down from there.  

     I just measured the exterior width of a 23.5 Salomon X3 lab liner at 87mm---the interior width would have to be less.  The narrow boots exist in the upper end (race level)of most boot lines.  You should be able to find a boot that will work for her.
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Well, I know that narrow shell = stiff, performance oriented boot, but the girl is level 6 or even less skier and stiff boot isn't the solution. We are looking for something with flex index 70/80 or so, Xlabs are much more rigid. I was thinking about junior race boots, am I right ?
PS I sized her shells ( Nordica Beast ) 23.5, there is 15 mm space but boots feel sloppy, too wide.
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Jr. boots a good possibility---You are right X lab's are stiffer, although that can be modified.
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Jr race boots  (just about every company makes this)
Salomon X3jr
nordica team 80
lange 80

or fulltilt and swap tongues to a 2 or 4 flex
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and get a 23/23.5 if the current boot is that and has 15mm then a 24 will have 25mm shell space and be too big
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