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demo binding adjustment

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Just purchased volkl ac4s with marker ipt 12 motion bindings.The bindings have a dial in the center with what looks to be a phillips head screw driver slot in the center of the dial. I assume these are demo bindings.I need to adjust to fit my boots(make larger,1 to 2 cm).I know the din setting.will this dial adjust the toe and heal  piece keeping the binding centered? do i need a special tool to do this?A detailed explanation of how this works would be appreciated.Does the forward pressure have to be adjusted after the change.Not sure how to check this. Are there physical markers on the binding?I know I can go to a ski tech,but I'm very hands on and if i have the right info I Feel confident I can make the adjustments.If not, ski tech here i come! Thanks for any and all info.Engine8
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Even if you find out how to adjust the length, it is very smart to take the skis and your boots to a shop that can test the binding release.  Do not assume that any binding releases at the force shown on the indicator.  Get them tested.  Bindings might be damaged, or full of grit, or otherwise defective.
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You should be able to adjust the setting by rotating the dial with your fingers. If this is difficult, there could be some grit in the mechanism or rails so a little oil should help loosen it up. Setting the bindings to your boot sole length should be sufficient, but there is a slot on the side of the heel piece with an indicator line on the rail which should be lined up within the slot with your boot in the binding to indicate the correct pressure.
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thanks for the info.found out, metal locking tab at side and center of binding must be pulled out to adjust.then use phillips head to move toe and heal at same time, keeping binding centered. it's a no-. brainer.
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