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AC30 or 50?

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About to pull the trigger on new skis. I've searched the forum but can't seem to get a feel for the exact differences between the skis...other than that the 50 is a bit wider and possibly better suited for softer snow.

Are there any other important pros and cons about each ski that I should know about?

Thank you guys in advanced!
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 The 50 is note better suited for soft snow, it is just a wider carver with a shorter TR. The AC30 with its redesign should have been called the AC35. Not enough info to say which is better..for you. Need more info. Is this going to be your only ski? If not what else do you have? Where will you be skiing? 
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 Ya most likely my only ski...a long needed upgrade 

I ski all East coast, Sunapee, Wildcat, Tremblant a few times a year etc.

Vast majority of skiing done on hard park with maybe a little bit of loose stuff on top (typical East coast stuff). I stay out of the bumps, like a mix of short/long turns depending on the day, sometimes venture over to the terrain park to embarrass myself.
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Neither ski will like the terrain park. If you are a strong powerful guy, the AC50, if you are lighter and more finesse,the AC30. 
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I absolutely love the AC50, but as Philbug said it depends - I am 6'6" 240 and those skis and me are now best friends. They are perfect for me, and I can't wait to get back on them this year.
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The AC50 will give you room to grow and by chance you head out west, it will be a great ski.  The AC30 is a great ski and you can't go wrong.  It's just a little softer and geared to a different level and type of skier.  Both are great choices! 
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I consider my self an advanced skiier. Able to handle any blackdiamonds that and east coast mountain can throw my way. Am used to skiing on much narrower skis (v2 carver) so I'm sure even the ac30 will seem quite wide under my feet. I enjoy quick turns as well as long sweeping ones. Which one would you say could handle both well.
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Salvuccim; both will handle what you described well.  Look at the Volkl web site & it will give you their description of the difference.  Don't worry about the width, you'll like either and it's really not that much different.  I wish I could say their was a magic formula or answer, both skies are in the same category but I think the wider 50 will handle the softer stuff & crud better then the 30.  Again, I don't think you'll go wrong with either choice. 
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I just pulled the trigger on a new pair of AC30's. 


I'll take them up and down the east coast and rent when I go west.


I think the quick TR will be great in the bumps and trees.

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that would be my sentiments, too. i've skied on both, and they are true to form as described.

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