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Lange Competite Boot Question

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Does the new Women's Competite model with a last of 98 mm have a narrower forefoot fit ( is it a true race fit?) than the Women's Banshee with an identical last width of 98?

I'm looking for a new pair of ski boots.  I currently have a pair of Women's lange gx9 race fit boots, size 5/282 mm with a Raichle thermoflex liner.  I've tried lots of boots in the past and with a narrow foot this has been the best set-up for me.  It's perfect except that my left big toe is a little too squished. I've recently tried on the Lange W Banshee in a 292 mm length which gives me about 3/4 cm room in the shell ( my current boots have about one pinky tip room) but when I put the liner in there is just too much room in the forefoot in the Banshee. The length was good.   I think they have a 98 mm last width.  I haven't been able to try on any of the Comp models.  It looks like this years and last years Competite also has a 98 mm last.  Is this going to have a narrower forefoot or would I be better  looking for a Women's Comp 120 from previous years (the last is listed ad 95 mm on them)?  Thanks!  I'm also open to other brands but really love my langes. 
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get the next shell size down.   you are looking for a 5-15mm shell fit in length, and if you had skied a 282mm I dont think that you should go 292.

98mm should be fine,   but again check the shell width,  you want 0-2mm on the sides of your foot.

If you are going this narrow/tight, PLEASE find a good boot fitter to get the work done,  You will need some tweeks, but then you can keep the new boots for 10+ more years.
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Thanks for the info.  I used a boot fitter for my last pair, definitely couldn't have done that myself, and anticipate needing work again.  I'm just hoping to get some advice before ordering, since I haven't been able to try them on.   I'm still not sure about the length - it took a lot of work to get me into the 282 - street size I wear an 8.5 women's. I probably only have 5mm space in the shell, if that.  They fit like a glove other than the length on the left foot, it's just a hare longer than my right.  My left foot fits more like a generously fitted climbing shoe with slightly curled toes even when in a flexed/skiing position.  The liner that was put in is super thin and they have a custom foot bed.  I definitely prefer this super tight fit over anything else I've had, with the exception of my curled toes.   I've skied in them for the last eleven years.  I guess I was thinking the next shell size up with a narrow enough last might work better, or am I just going to have too much room?    

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I think you know the answer ...

get BOTH the right length and wdith  (95mm and 282mm)
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Ok I'm pretty convinced on the length 282 and with some work probably could have enough room for my toes with amputating them :). 

From a technical standpoint is the Competite ("plug-style") at 98 mm going to be lower volume than the Banshee at 98 mm last? 

Is there a standard for measuring last outside vs inside measurement? 

From what I've read the "plug" boots have a thicker plastic and therefore may be lower volume, given the same last measurement? 

I only ask because the last two years models are easier to find and everything is listed as 98 mm. 

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the competite and the banshee are both on the SAME 98mm modified RL11 last, they are the same shell, different colour but the same shell there is of course the new RL12 modified in 97mm which is lower over the instep as well in the comp pro boot or as an alternative brand the Atomic Ti 100 which is a 100 flex 95mm last

see the fitter, trust them
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