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The local paper here in the Pittsburgh area published their annual ski resort update for the upcoming season. What I found very intersteing was the general increase in the daily lift ticket price. As a general overview the economy in SW Pa. has been petty hard hit. I am very surprised that the local ski hills belive they can increase lift ticket prices at a time when I would assume skiers will need to be motivated with incentives to part with their money.

Offestting the new ticket prices are multiple ticket plans that save skiers several dollars over the ticket window price. I just assocaiated appaently incorrectly that the ski areas would need to pull out al the stops to avoid having a lackluster revenue year because the economy was still struggling. Shows you how little I know. I guess its a function of "Build It and they will Come".

Having said that , at $60 a day and a family of four with two kids that want to go skiing Saturday, I associate the amonunt of money this represents as being pretty impacting on the family budget. I'll b very interested in seeing if the number of people skiing each weekend is effected .